Cleric Power!

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May 252016

A strange thing happened last night on the way to the Demon Queen. Quite strange.

It seems there is a room in Against the Demon Queen with a fall-away floor, revealing a vertigo-inducing fall and a pack of poisonous scorpions. You know the room, or at least you do if you were playing back when you had to run Against the Demon Queen every three days. There is a chest on the far side of the room, seemingly easily attainable.

Suddenly the floor falls away. Then the chest is not at all easily attainable, but rather, sort of a mocking taunting totem, sitting on a now-distant platform with no obvious entree.

Except there is a less-obvious entree. A ledge along the left side of the room, behind two wide pillars. It is possible to leap from the room entrance onto the side ledge, scamper across the room, and then leap again from the side ledge onto the chest platform.

Possible, but not easy. Something about the geometry of the ceiling is off. When you jump from the most logical part of the side ledge, the ceiling geometry pushes you away from the chest platform. So you have to jump from a less-obvious point, twist in mid-air, grab the platform with your hands, and then pull yourself up. There is a second method for those with lots of jump that involves leaving the side ledge from the other side of the last pillar and wrapping around it in mid-jump.

Anyway, you remember now, yes? How you sometimes are able to make this jump the first attempt, but usually not, usually it takes multiple tries, sometimes many multiple tries. With all eyes on you as you flail and fail, over and over.

But not last night.

Last night we had two clerics in the party. Weird in it’s own way, right? Two clerics? In a party of five? Nonetheless, two clerics, a fighter, a druid, and a rogue. And then we got to the scorpion jump room.

Two clerics. You may not know this, but the word “cleric” is from ancient Latin roots meaning “the class that cannot jump”. Clerics can never jump, there simply are not enough skill points in the world. Clerics cannot jump.

But there we were, both of the clerics, making the jump on our first try. Our first try! While everyone else flailed and failed.


The Jump looks quite imposing from the chest's point of view

The Jump looks quite imposing from the chest’s point of view


Clerics. Jumping like a boss.


Jump Clerics

Dancing Jump-Clerics.
Click the image for a darkly-brooding wallpapery view


Cleric Power!

🙂 😀 🙂

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  1. 🙂 I was running that quest on my clonk (2 monk/18 cleric) some years back on Cannith, and without any good gear or buffs.. I could not get out of that room. She could not jump up on the pillar from the rock. Luckily I had a jump pot in my inventory…

    • Pro tip: You cannot hang anywhere on the pillar in the photo (the one to exit the room). You need to jump to the left part of the pillar to get your character to climb it.

  2. I thought I would see this here. Certainly motivated the rest of the party. Although, as if Pink would give up on a chest.

  3. So one could say it was divine boing?

  4. Sometimes a low jump skill can make things easier, since it makes it less likely you’ll bump into weird geometry that might deflect you off – coal chamber is another classic for this kind of thing 🙂

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