Nov 162015

Class Balance

No one will ever accuse any of my builds of being “valid”

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  1. I find remastered Beatifica to be valid.

  2. Valid Class Balance, — Humm —
    1 -having a sound basis in logic or fact; reasonable or cogent. Those Who wants a Fantasy to be real should not jump off Mountains ..
    2- legally binding due to having been executed in compliance with the law. No real Laws here..
    3- legally or officially acceptable. Who is the official here?

    Its a FANTASY GAME… Its Designed so you can win. Lets face it, any level one toon would have a VERY hard time getting off the first Island…..

    Allowing Multi classes makes “BALANCE” A FANTASY…

    Its a Game People

  3. ….there’s a blue person missing in the upper right section. Just saying.

  4. I think this is the first time I’ve ever been quoted in a meme. 🙂

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