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So one of my favorite guildies left our group last night because he was offended by another guildie’s political views. I am saddened to see him go.

Yet I believe we ought to be able to bring up any topic in party chat, especially in an all-guild party, without spending a lot of energy to be politically correct. As long as the conversation is civil and respectful.

I will miss my friend, I will, but the conversation was not personal or disrespectful. How will we as a society hold meaningful debates if the very existance of a topic causes rancor and hurt feelings?

I blame Rush Limbaugh and Michael Moore. They’ve taken topics that deserve serious thought and turned them into schtick by pushing extreme and rigid viewpoints as their particular form of entertainment. They get rich, we lose the ability to communicate regarding anything controversial.

Worse, they’ve somehow gmanaged to convince us all to believe that rudeness, mockery, and extreme intolerance are the correct ways to express our beliefs.  

Wait, that is really blaming us collectively, isn’t it?

Stupid Us.

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  1. Geoff,
    I am sorry to hear of the continuing saga of “Guild Drama”. I ran one of the largest Guilds back on Mabar for several years, and eventually gave up and disbanded the Guild due to not wanting to deal with the drama anymore. I am so much happier being a lowly member of someone else’s guild than dealing with the headaches of running one. My hat is off to you for sticking with it.

  2. Very well said and true. Also we must give the internet it’s due for the killing of polite disagreement.

  3. Someone else in the guild suggested we add a “no politics” rule. But I am resistant for several reasons:

    * We don’t occupy the evening swapping political beliefs. It really doesn’t come up often

    * It is a slippery slope. What topic has to be banned next?

    * Someone would have to police the rule, and I don’t want to spend even one second of my gaming time censuring what people are saying.

    * We don’t have any rules. We’re not that kind of guild

    And finally, we shouldn’t need a rule like this. That’s what common sense is for. Use it.

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