Jul 292013

Chelena Armstrong proudly displays her new Tier 3 Mournlode Maul
It’s so big and all mine

Several months ago, I decided to pursue a specific set of mauls for Chelena, the World’s Strongest Halfling. The first one obtained was the Epic Fury of the Flame. Next up: a Mournlode Maul, meaning, time to dive deeply into the Cannith Challenges.

It seems like forever but really it’s only been two weeks … or so … I think? But whether two weeks or three, the endless cries of “Incoming” are put to rest for now and Chelena emerges holding aloft her shiny new Tier 3 Mournlode Maul.

This time I was careful to build the maul when I was awake enough to ensure that I was actually building a maul. That sounds obvious, but I’ve had … well … let’s just call them adventures when creating challenge items late at night.

Here was the total ingredient list:

  • 600 Necromantic Charms
  • 600 Cystallized Magma thingies
  • 1200 Mephit Wings, which I traded for 600 Orthon Metal Scraps so I wouldn’t have to run Shortcuts
  • 1200 Epic Crystallized Magma thingies
  • 1200 Epic Mephit Wings
  • 2400 Epic Arcanoloth Scrolls, which I traded for 1200 Epic Goblets so I wouldn’t have to run Picture Portals

Yes, that is a lot of trips into the Challenges. A lot.

I’m sure I’ll be back in there at some point, Cannith Challenging myself and my characters, mining crystals or tending extractors or whatever, there are too many reasons not to. Decent items, some unique and useful at end game, plus probably the fastest way to farm Epic Tokens of the Twelve. Which are still surprisingly important in certain unusual circumstances.

But for now, the Cannith Challenges are in my rear view mirror and everything looks like blue sky and sunshine.

Two down, three to go

πŸ™‚ πŸ˜€ πŸ™‚

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  1. Non-profane words cannot express how much I dislike the Cannith Challenges. Made and Epic Longbow of Earth for my Ranger, and it’s been sitting at Tier 1 for the past year. The thought of grinding more challenges to upgrade it, or to get a Calomel Repeater for my Artificer, makes me want to log off and play Skyrim.

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