Nov 022009

This is an update to post Character Transfer Service.

Quick recap: I requested a character transfer for my halfling frenzied barbarian several weeks ago. The transfer worked, but the character’s myDDO character pages never changed.

I hoped that when time passed, myDDO would catch up, but it never did.

  • This is the link from her Khyber days
  • This should be the link to her Sarlona version

The character sheets are not a big deal, I know, and there are people that would definitely go into full-on hissy mode if they thought a dev was putting time into fixing this instead of developing new content.

Yet, I thought there might be someone who wanted to know.

[Edit] I may have simply not waited long enough. As Nibbs posted earlier the character sheets haven’t been updated since October 22.

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  1. I would like to see a bit more added to this feature as well it would be nice to look more under the hood and see the build used for Chars.

  2. No, I was wrong, they just had a two-week delay in updating character sheets.

    Knicker is now visible on Sarlona. I’ll have to post a full retraction.

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