Oct 262009

I requested a character transfer from Khyber to Sarlona. I made sure to buy an extra character slot from the Turbine store first, I was afraid of what might happen if the transfer put me over the character limit. Since it takes three weeks to get customer service attention, I really wanted to avoid anything that might cause me to need them again.

Sure enough, it took three weeks to process, but eventually my character appeared where I wanted her. Her name was not available on Sarlona, so Turbine gave her one rename credit. This let me use the /changename command, but only once! Carefully…

I deleted a mule and used that slot to try out names until I found one I could use. Not at all close to what it had been but it is one I can live with.

Carefully, carefully(!) I applied the /changename. It worked, however it works on the first name only: her last name is stuck as whatever it was, even if that no longer applies to the first name. Rio Tan is dead, long live Knicker Tan!

I’d include a link to her new character sheet on Sarlona, but she doesn’t have one (?) Her old sheet on Khyber still exists but is not updated – I’ve leveled her since the transfer but on Khyber she still shows as 10th. Maybe this is something that will correct itself over time.


Pluses Minuses
  • It works
  • You can ferry stuff between servers
  • Rename feature is better than [name]-Sarlona as was done for the server merge
  • No Turbine points, takes $25 real money
  • Three weeks!
  • Can’t change last name
  • Screws up myDDO character sheet (so far)
I’m going to level her one more time before I introduce her to the guild 🙂

What do you think?

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