May 242010

The temple is a huge space, completely unused, smack in the middle of House Deneith. Plus, it is the destination of every Word of Recall casting.

Why not put all these pixels to good use?

It has several doors that open into small, empty, unused rooms. It’s a perfect place to host a number of Divine vendors. And really, wouldn’t you expect a major temple to include at least basic Divine services?

Sovereign Host
In the past, there have been suggestions to turn the temple into the Portable Hole for clerics – not a bad idea at all! – but in any case you would expect a large temple to provide:

  • Divine reagent vendor
  • Spirit binding
  • Divine scroll vendor – or vendors if it is desirable to split levels amongst differing NPCs
  • Clerical services vendor – offers the same services as a Silver Flame rep in a tavern

I know how foolish it is to gauge the relative difficulty of coding tasks when I have no exposure to the DDO system at all, but I am going to anyway: adding a small number of NPCs to the temple should be a relatively easy task 🙂

Would it be as useful as Guild Airships? As fun as a new raid? As appealing as Druids? No, of course not. But it would add interest to an otherwise dead space.

If it can be done with little cost, why not?

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  1. The temple should really be the divine equivalent of The Portable Hole. All it does now is get people lost on their way to the associated quest.

  2. Yes! I agree! But even a handful of NPCs would make the place a lot more useful and interesting.

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