Aug 242012

DDO Gamer and Gamer Geoff


Do I have to login?

No. You do have to identify yourself before you post anything. You can do this by typing in a name and email, or if you like you can register and login.

You can read all you want without entering anything.

Sometimes I click on a post and it takes me to a different site

This is really two sites: and I post DDO-related material on one site, and other material on my general gamer site. Sometimes a post spans the two sites, and it is fairly easy to jump from one to the other, even by accident.

Maybe I will fix this, but I’m not sure it’s broken. Click away, everywhere you go will find something interesting (I hope anyway!) and you can easily click your way back where you want to be.

The House tab at the top of every page will always take you to the Gamer Geoff main page. Meanwhile, the DDO tab at the top of each page will always bring you back to the DDO Gamer main page.

See? Easy.

How do I let you know about bugs or how much I love/hate this site?

The easiest way to reach me is via the Commlinks page here. Post a comment.

You can also email me

But be warned, I get a lot of spam and may miss your message.

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  1. Take out “” and make an email link and the SPAM SPIDERS will not see you…as well

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