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Happy Kobolds

Happy Kobolds, busily making our DDO experience better

All good things must come to an end, and so it is with the Anne & Sig Trent era of DDOCast.

The live broadcast from GenCon, which is scheduled to be DDOCast 300, will be their last. They are stepping down to pursue other things, nothing that they’ve specified publicly yet, but they have many and varied interests in the world of gaming and this will give them the time to pursue them.

Patrick Sherman, a.k.a. Shamgar, frequent DDOCast contributor and general DDO pundit, has graciously accepted the mantle of DDOCast podcasting and will pick up the show from episode 301 on. Patrick has written an open letter about this to the DDO community here, and has put out a survey (and is bribing us to complete it with Turbine Points!) about the show here.

There will be time to talk about Patrick and the third incarnation of the show. I’m sure it will be awesome! But this post is not about that.

Anne and Sig make the act of putting on DDOCast seem so airy and simple that it is easy to overlook just how much time and effort it really takes. As one who has recently gotten a chance to peer behind the curtain, I can personally attest that it is not easy at all; or at least it is not easy on the Trents. It is pretty easy for me.

All I have to do is show up each week and talk and be interesting (or as close as I come to interesting, which really is the best I can do). I spend some time each week preparing what I want to talk about, and I am more diligent about staying up to date with DDO events than I would be otherwise.

I make sure I am current by reading the forums and various sources, listening to other DDO podcasts, watching the Turbine Update videos and so forth. I spend more time on Lamannia. I would do a lot of these things anyways, partly because DDO is my hobby and partly because I write about it every weekday here on DDOGamer. But I would not be doing all of the them, and I would not be doing them all right now. I would get to them as they came to me without urgency. But a weekly video cast is about timeliness; we talk about current events during the week in which they are current. Learning about a new feature on Lamannia two weeks later is fine for a DDOGamer article but useless for a DDOCast conversation.

Learn it all, and learn it all right now.

Now apply what I just said to the Trents and multiply it by about a thousand. I only have to carry two or three minutes of show but Sig and Anne carry 90 minutes. Every week they have a detailed plan in the form of show notes, sometimes a thousand words worth. Sometimes more.

Not to mention the technical and equipment issues involved in recording and publishing a weekly podcast. I am shielded from all of that, but Anne is not, Anne has to actually do all that stuff. Anne has been writing about the details here on DDOGamer. It strikes me as quite daunting.

And did I mention the editing? And managing the website? And the emails? And the marketing? And the press tours that only happen during business hours (meaning they have to take time off of work for them)?

Every week. Whether one is feeling ill, or tired, or has family in town, or whatever, all of this, every week.

Thinking about this makes me really appreciate Jerry Snook, the founder and original host of DDOCast, who did all of this for even longer than the Trents and did it all by himself. Almost 200 episodes, Jerry ran the show solo for four years! No wonder Turbine had to hire him.

But fortunately for all of us, Sig and Anne were ready and able to pick up the show when Jerry “turned pro”, joining Turbine and leaving amateur gaming fandom behind.

Over one hundred Trent-driven episodes since, spanning more than two years. It is quite a legacy.

But more than that, Sig and Anne are nice. Bright and funny, friendly and welcoming. I like them as people. I look forward to the time we spend together in the process of making the show. I will miss their weekly presence in my life.

Thanks for including me guys, and making me feel like I belonged. Thanks for the hundred+ shows. Thanks for the thousands of hours.

Thanks for everything!

🙂 😀 🙂

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  1. Yup, podcasting is a lot of work, but is very rewarding as well. I am so happy that Sig and Anne kept the show going after I stepped down, and I can’t wait to see the show continue into it’s third incarnation!

  2. Awe shucks! *Blush* Thanks Geoff! Sig and I have really seen our selves as “lighthouse keepers” and Its been a real honor serving DDOcast. I’ve had fun and its time to give the next gen players of DDO have a go at DDOcast! 🙂

  3. As a long-time-listener (and a in-the-background, never-participator) I have to agree with all of the Kudos Geoff is giving here. The Trents have done an amazing job! Thank you for all of the “blood sweat and tears”. In case there was ever any doubt, your genuine selflessness has been greatly appreciated…

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