Sep 142015

The STONE OF CHANGE, where old becomes new, bugs are fixed, shards are combined and where you get the cool machine noise!!

Given the noise I am always surprised that Montague, the Coin Lord Patron, has not bought a pair of ear muffs yet!  It is amazing that someone of his caliber would put up with the riff-raff and all of their junk going into a blender right by the bank, than again the rent is probably cheap.


Where can you get all of this and more!!!  Right in the good old marketplace outside of the Bank of Kundarak Lordsmarch Branch.  (I think there is a big funnel under the stone that passes all the crap into the Vault of Night for them but dont tell anybody!).

What amazing things can come from a Stone of Change, the truly wonderful I tell you, just look at the lights this has to be good right.


Sure it is where else can you add force damage on every hit….or force burst on crits with just a few mushrooms and collectible dusts!

Or if you happen to have the elusive Lightning Split Soarwood (no other wood will do for this baby) you can add a +1 bonus to all saves…yes sir step right up to the Stone of Change!!

Looking for more AC??? Well with just a few Kobold Prayer Beads and Some Silver Flame propaganda it can be yours my friends!!!

Are you looking for that item that has super hardness and durability, that’s right Stone of Change!!

Have piles of Syberis and Khyber dragon shards laying about taking up piles and piles of inventory space, that’s right Stone of Change!!!

Give this great machine of DDO your broken, your ore, your dragonshards, your soul gems, your mushrooms, your funerary tokens give it all to the Stone of Change and see its wonder in action!!

(this add is not approved by DDO, crafting from shared bank storage is not supported, Known to cause clicking fatigue issues in House Kundarak, Users of the Stone of Change may be liable for future environmental clean up costs due to dumping of collectibles, the Stone of Change is not responsible for miss use or loss of certain item characteristics, Continued use of the Stone of Change may lead to hairy palms, blindness, and in extreme cases /death)

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  1. Beware the disclaimers! You never know when you can spontaneously die!

  2. There is a stone by the Twelve tower that is not so ear-fatiguiing for Montague. And you can buy one for your airship too.

  3. The Stone of Change is great, was thinking about this earlier today wanting to add some force damage to one of Erdrique’s weapons :).

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