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Jan 112016


That word says it all.

Champions are the new most dangerous ANYTHING in the game. Champions are the best (and therefore the worst) change that turbine introduced to the game in the last few years, at least from my perspective.

Elite waterworks. Meh. I know where all the dangers are and can mitigate and neutralize them in my sleep. But i can sleepwalk through content no more. Two ( or THREE>>>RUN!) shiny crowns appear on my screen and the encounter is now a totally new, unpredictable, very dangerous experience. In other words, champions bring a lot of what a permie like me is usually trying to experience in the game. To every dungeon. Around every corner potentially.

Thank you Turbine. I hate you 😉  Keep the challenge coming.

I may update this post later with a few specific whines about deaths/almost deaths from these random UBER monsters. I can say that I am glad that there are no red-named chapmpions. Yet.

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  1. Rather than update the post, I want to post a postscript. Is commenting on your own thread OK? Ima do it anyway.

    It seems to me that recently in the sublime, most of the deaths have come from champions, either orange named ones or multiple ones spawning in what would normally be tough encounters even without them.

    For instance, there was last night. On my 3d life level 15 TR. I know that the end fight of the last quest in the lordsmarch series would be iffy for me on elite doing it solo with a hire. The traps hit hard, and with baddies spawnwing you can always avoid them hitting you, and saves are not guaranteed on elite. I also had to kill the third medusa in there since i couldn’t light the tents on fire to spawn her. got past the medusa (red named so she couldnt be champion…YAY) and te trash spawn and did the puzzles beating down the hag till she spawns the three ogre cavalry riding on rust monsters and leaves. Challenging but doable, except ALL 3 were champions. and Larafey the mana-hog was already out of SP by this point so my hire was useless and fighting them was NOT a viable plan. each time i might stun one two more were pounding me quickly toward Korthos. nowhere to run….

    so i did the only thing i could do…RUN! through the puzzle in random directions kiting three very nasty guys and another spawning every once in a while…after what seemed like an hour (probalby ony 2-3 minutes) of desperate running i realized that eventually these guys would solve the puzzle for me and it became a strategy…run-avoid nasty mobs as much as possible-self heal, Rinse. Repeat. and hope. fortunately the ding i heard was the monsters solving the puzzle for me and me boosting my UMD and scrolling word of recall. 20k XP much better than a fast trip to korthos which is what I was beginning to fear. 3/3 champion ornange cavalry spawn in a cage fight. Seriously? Rediculously impossibly hard to do, especially short group. Murphy’s law meets DDO.

    • I hope you had the Benny Hill tune playing while you were running around in a panic 🙂 Or maybe Indiana Jones if you want to feel heroic.

  2. My household is split on the champions. I love them. But I am only one vote.

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