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Jan 302017

Marquoz of Rigel

Looking back, it is odd to realize that my prime tabletop role-playing days were really only about ten years long. From original D&D, first discovered when I was 18, to the day that I was no longer in any weekly RPG campaign, about ten years. Maybe shorter.

I was not entirely done. I was in a monthly campaign that went another ten years. But really, my bright burst of tabletop was quite brief, and quite a long time ago.

But the influence of that period remains, even all these years later. Still as influential as ever, even as it fades further into the mists of memory.

What started me down this weird path of thought was one of my Elder Scrolls Online characters. Like all of my gaming characters have been, he is the continuation of an old tabletop RPG character. Marquoz the Rigellian.

He had a back story, but I’ve been adding to it in my mind over the years and I am no longer certain how much of his back story is original.
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