Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games. Now, that is a mouthful. Sadly, many of them are rather insulting to the serious gamer. But not all.

Jan 162017

It used to be that people playing online games together had to use a third-party voice app to talk to one another. Tools like Ventrilo, or TeamSpeak, or GameSpy’s weird, resource-intensive voice chat. Something.

Ventrilo and TeamSpeak and their ilk are all clumsy and non-intuitive to use. Someone has to set up a server, everyone has to log into the chat server as well as to the game, very hassle-y, so much so that I just didn’t. When I played multi-player games I’d rather just type.*

* In fairness I should point out that TeamSpeak is on its third version and looks less clunky. Is it? I dunno. Haven’t used it in years.

Then games started including their own built-in voice chat. DDO was one of the earlier games to do so, at least in my experience, and it was a big part of why I loved the game so much. All I had to do was enable voice chat – no more servers, no more setup, no more separate logins, no more hassle.
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A Dingleberry Of A Time

A Dingleberry Of A Time

So, recentlyish Mr Comic the Commie Relief sent me a digital letter(ofton referred to as an ’email’) about how when Im back we can play LOTRO together every now and again.

>This Blog Contains 0 Spoilers<

>This Blog Contains 0 Spoilers<

Its true Its true! I swear on Comics life its true! If its not Im sure hes not too hard to find and exact vengence upon. Anywhoo, technical difficulties of the difficultly technical sort have kept me miles away from blogging. Also the lack of cheese. But mostly difficult technical difficulties. But now Im back! […]

Lets Get Something Straight...

Lets Get Something Straight…

That one guy… His name is BOB! Im being seriously you guys! His name is Bob! BOB! Now I dunno where he sits compared to other Bobs in this world but Id imagine hes somewhere between an expert builder oF things and a retarded sponge. Wherever he sits, his name is and will always be, […]