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Oct 252014


Radio Voice continues from above; “Come with me to the Rusty Nail where Ms. T, deep into her ninth stein of Old Sully’s, takes to the table-tops to regale the patrons with a look back at that classic spell of group unity; HASTE!”.

It’s hard to believe that we snapped this together almost a year ago. MP3, no engineering or programmed sounds to interfere with a live in the Rusty Nail sound. ;-) Wow, time does fly or maybe it’s just a halfling monk with ….haste? Anyways, we’ve given some thought to maybe re-recording it “tight” so if you know anyone who might like the potential of this sound send them in to listen. …..please ;-)

Whatever your personal taste in music, wouldn’t it be fun to have a 6 or 10 song set, with lyrics coming from WITHIN Eberron? You know, as if the singer actually lived the world rather than the usual corny or clever(both of which I do love btw) GAMER personality meta-commenting from the OUTSIDE, on gaming INSIDE Eberron or D&D?

I think it would be fun and it could only get better with each successive song ….no? Don’t forget, most of us would be drinking, so remember to add a few(or nine) steins of Old Sulley’s into the mix! Oh, re. the topic of whether or not lyrics should reflect my view that a singer must project from “within” Eberron, I’ll be honest and admit that I have stumbled upon some interesting lyrics in our community. Many are set to older “Rock Standards” and do anything but follow this rule. They would be fun to attempt so who knows. :-)

It’s not heavy, death metal, punk, dance, club or Yo-Yo Ma(whom I do like, if anyone cares).

Thanks for visiting,
Luedwig Bait H’oven
Thelanis 2006

Ps. The only other sounds I’ve encountered on Geoff’s site are the little kobold bits posted awhile back so I don’t know if a 3 minute mp3 will be a no-no here. I’m sure Geoff will let me know. ;-) I will be posting all of my song material minus my commentary(your welcome ;-) ) on my own Tumbler account as soon as I can figure it all out.

Prophecy Self Fulfilled

Prophecy Self Fulfilled

I would like to explain. Really, I would but I can’t; in less than 2000 words. Thanks for visiting, Luedwig Bait H’oven Thelanis 2006