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May 042016


Mr. Ginger and High Lords on Sarlona are once again back to doing their teaching raids.  A great opportunity to learn something new and have some fun!!

1st Up CITW – No problem I saw log into Sarlona roll up an Iconic and go to town to get to level 20 and then flag for the raid, have 2 days to do it…….result level 20 but no raid flagged:(

2nd Mark of Death, great have done it a couple of times but really need to understand it, have 3 days to flag, just need sigil pieces, a piece of cake!! (every pun intended)   2 days latter and ransacking Vol and Fleshmakers, still short one sigil piece in time for the raid……result still level 20 not raid flagged 🙁

3rd LOB and Master Artificer…..going to start on Wed night instead of Thursday….will Bentor of Sarlona make it???  Only the nose knows………