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Jun 242016
...visited 3 Barrel Cove and all I got was this post card and a nearly little sound bite.

…visited 3-Barrel Cove and all I got was this stupid post card and a snarky little sound bite.

Suddenly, from out of nowhere and everywhere at the same time, a great Incorporeal Wisdom threatens to drown out that pug, who is blissfully droning, on and on, for the humpteenth time about his latest gear, “I am the DM, hear my words. Now, damn it! Not next week, not tomorrow; now! You know everything that you need to know about the GAME; now let us take a moment to learn about the world.” 😉

Note: Rust Monsters pronounce it; “This Croissant once adoorknobbed the Marketplace Bazaar…”

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Ps. Troll Week 2016; celebrating all things Troll, has commenced. Trouble putting it together? Well, then you should be listening to more DDOCast!