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Mar 262015

Dressed to Kill: Equipping a newly-Epic Rogue
Being in a guild full of halflings, there is never a shortage of rogues. Mechanic rogues, assassin rogues, stick-fighting rogues, all kinds of rogues. Lots of rogues.

Not that this is a bad thing. It is not.

It so happens that a couple of occasional Halfling Commandos who have a more casual play style have hit level 20 at the same time. This is not coincidence, we’ve been helping them level, and in fact have been leveling them at a pretty fast clip. At least, a fast clip for casual players. This is awesome, even though they’ve been playing for years, their casual style, multiple servers, and multiple characters mean that level 20 is somewhere they are not used to being: all new content for them, all the time!

But there is a drawback. First-life characters who have been pulled to level by running high-XP quest series do not have the same chance to equip themselves as characters that level more organically. The character quickly outgrows his/her stuff. Then they reach level 20, the game difficulty stiffens up, and … well, let’s just acknowledge that “lightly equipped” does not combine well with “increased difficulty”.

And so my Gamer Girl, no mean player of rogues in her own right, found herself researching equipment for epic rogues that is both (1) likely to be useful and (2) not impossibly difficult to obtain.

This is her list.
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