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Sep 292016

DDO The Card Game - Clerics


This post is part of a continuing series where I present my ill-formed thoughts about a DDO-inspired card game to you for review and suggestion.


In DDO, bards are the Jack of all Trades/Master of none type. Or at least they were at game launch. Able to cast any spell, use any weapon, and fill any party role except trapsmith, their best strengths were their flexibility and the unique things they could do for other members of the party.

Then the game changed and flexibility became less desirable. Then it changed some more, and the unique buffs failed to scale, meaning no one cared, and the poor bard was left on the shelf, until Swashbuckler was added and we learned that Bards were really just a Melee class all along.

Except no. DDO the Card Game is based more on the game launch version than it is on today’s version, and so is the bard. Cast any spell. Equip any weapon (for Warchanters anyway). Add value to the party through unique buffs.

Flexibility and support. That is what a bard is supposed to be, and that is the bard of DDOtCG.

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DDO the Card Game - Cleric

DDO the Card Game – Cleric

Clerics that want to fight get a semi-pejorative label: “battle cleric”, ignoring the fact that as they were original envisioned they were all battle clerics.

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