Oct 232012

Old BusinessA calming lighthouse accompanies our journey through a boring agenda

After bringing the meeting to order, one is supposed to resolve any remaining old business before bringing up new business.

And so we shall. Three updates to recent posts:

Haggle is Important! Or Is It?

I asked if Haggle was still an important skill, and whether the DDO economy still rewarded those who accumulated platinum.

Those who responded on the blog said Haggle was still important. Those who responded on the forums said it is not.

So there you go, a split decision.

Rode Hard And Put Up Wet

I relayed a sad tale where I had to leave loot in chests because my backpack was already full.

Several readers provided tips and tricks that allow one to overflow their backpack space during a quest without losing anything. Good ideas too, that would have worked.

If only I’d thought of them.

What’s a DEX-Based TWF Evasion Battlecleric To Do?

I described the current build for my completionist Mawry – an unusual build, featuring lots of dexterity and rapiers even though she is a cleric this life – and promised updates. So here is update #1:

Mawry rapidly made level 6 without being particularly challenged. She had some issues soloing the Swiped Signet (the big room full of archers) and in the third Depths quest (the swarm of Earth Elements), both Elite of course, but otherwise her self-healing DEX-based melee has been more than sufficient.

Not that this is significant, sixth level is way too early to tell anything about a build.

In other news, she continues to look cute. So there’s that.

🙂 😀 🙂

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  1. So this is your version of to many thoughts at once? Well done.

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