May 192015

One Saturday morning last November I set off into the desert to collect some unpaid taxes from a delinquent King Wizard of some repute. The image shows you where I stopped. The bills would have to remain outstanding a while longer for my mind was on that silly cat.
My girlfriend was at work and Jasper would be alone. I was due to make dinner that evening; The problem was that though I had four or five hours of game time available, I couldn’t see the game. I could only see this image and feel the deep sense of guilt that I could be doing something less about me. I put this image together to capture the moment and set it aside for further review at another time. Clean, simple, perhaps a tad cliché it still encaptures the moment.

I drove the 40km North up the QEII, met the sleepy kitty at the door and sat at the window alone while he proceeded, for the next three hours, to ignore my sacrifice(I lay my jacket on the floor near the door and he sleeps on it).

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Luedwig Bait H’oven
Thelanis 2006

Ps. Today feels like a good day to add one more Cat image to the Internet. Hoping it doesn’t bump an important post… 😉

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  1. You have a lucky cat! Thanks for sharing him 🙂

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