Cat Birthday

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Sep 062016

My wife has decided that all of our cats have a birthday that is somewhere around now.

I don’t mean to imply that this is some sort of random assignment. For two of the three we can be fairly certain: we know when we adopted them and about how old they were at adoption. The older cat, Frank, is a different story, as he wandered in from the wilderness to adopt us. But I vaguely remember when that happened, and we can make certain vague guesses about how old he may have been at the time … all very vague of course.

But it is convenient to have all of them share the same birthday and so we do. Not a specific day, like I said earlier, just somewhere around now.

Cat birthdays are not celebrated in a particularly rigorous fashion. There are no cakes, no parties, and no clowns. No silly hats. No taking them out for a drink.

But there are gifts. Really that is the whole thing, gifts, in the form of new cat toys. Which, to be honest, we do all year round. Nevertheless, this time is different, this time they are not just toys because we happen to be in the pet store, no, this time they are presents! Birthday presents!

For each cat.

Because they love their toys.

Frank gets a new catnip mouse (a mouse toy with a special pouch where you put catnip) and fresh catnip. Because he loves catnip and catnip toys.


frank catnip mouse
Frank loves his new catnip mouse


Linus gets a combination scratch post/climbing box with a hiding compartment inside, because he loves to scratch and climb. And hide.


linus scratch house
Linus loves his new scratch house


Lucy gets rattle mice (smaller mouse toys make a rattling noise when you shake them) because she loves them. She got a half-dozen because she loves them so much they all end up lost under something somewhere.


lucy rattle mouse
Lucy loves her new rattle mice


You can throw a rattle mouse and Lucy will chase it down at full speed, bring it back in her mouth, and drop it near your feet. I have never known a cat to play fetch but Lucy does, and will for several repetitions. A weirdly cat-specific form of fetch. For instance, she does not drop the mouse at your feet the way a dog would, she drops it just one step out of easy reach; you are required to work at the game too. With that said, for several minutes you can throw the rattle mouse and she will fetch it.

Sometimes, when you are on the computer or otherwise not cat-engaged, she’ll bring a rattle mouse to you and mewl piteously, trying to initiate the fetching game herself.

I am still trying to get used to the fact that I, a dog person, am living a life filled with cats.

I miss my Shaggydog. I miss having dogs in general. But … these cats are pretty cool.

Pretty cool indeed.

Maybe I am a dog/cat person.

🙂 😀 🙂

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  1. 🙂 When I was younger and living with my parents I would buy our cats Christmas gifts, usually in the form of some kind of delicacy food.

  2. I was chastised the other week because I said, in guild chat, that cats are evil…EVIL!!! And they are. But that doesn’t mean I don’t like them.

    • You cannot just lump them together like that. In my group, Linus is Good, Frank is Chaotic, and only Lucy is actually Evil.

      • I dunno – when even the “good” ones want to snuggle-up on your feet during the hottest days of the year, that’s pretty “evil”. The “good” ones just have better facades (hehehe).

    • Strangely, werecats are described as being “Chaotic Good”. Lycanthrope alignments are based off of the animal’s legend, so cats MUST be good.

  3. Victoria turns 14 on the 27th of this month. With the vet’s permission, she’s getting TOONA! (Gotta be careful with it; it’s her FAVORITEST thing in the whole world but it’s high in iodine and she has thyroid issues.) I know it’s her actual birthday even though she’s a rescue because the woman who took care of her stray mother included that with the info she gave the adoption agency.

    Callie is about the same age – no way of knowing for sure because she’s a rescued feral. I just assigned her April 17 for a birthday because that was the first day she let me pet her. Her birthday meal always includes yogurt and cheese. 😀

    A very happy group birthday to your furbabies, and may they have many more! 🙂

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