Caption This?

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Jul 192013

Caption This?

Caption This?

I love the way this screenshot turned out. I mean, I captured the image, so I know what is going on, but it looks like something more than just buying a teleporter. It looks to me like Chelena is giving the Kobold Foreman an earful over something or another.

“I’m going to be in here all weekend and I think we should set some ground rules. For instance, no more spontaneous hugging. If I want a hug, I’ll ask for it. Capiche?”

What do you think?

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  1. “Moar barrels NOW!!! … or Mr Maul will come and say hello”

  2. “And this is for trying to foreclose on my house!”

  3. “Gimme your hat or I castrate you with my maul!”

  4. So you’re going to the costume party too?

  5. {One of my favorites from an electronics sales catalog:}

    “I don’t care if it doesn’t exist! I want it NOW and I don’t want to pay anything for it!”


  6. You can’t remember what? That’s right! You don’t remember Waterworks! Now dance!

  7. Chelena to Future Time Traveling Foreman: “Spoilers, dear!”

  8. “One more “Hammer Time!” joke outta you and I’ll show you why you shoulda gone with “Maul Rats” jokes instead!”

What do you think?

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