Nov 082010

This character capped three or four weeks ago and I wanted to update how she turned out.

In a word, “awesome”!

I finished Oriental Adventures as a monk12/wiz8. Partly because I wanted her to have the monk icon rather than the wizard icon (it saves explanations when entering new groups), but mainly because I wanted Abundant Step. Which, by the way, is so wonderful it defies explanation.

She has great saves, reasonable AC, enough HP, and with Displacement always on is so survivable that even I have a hard time getting her killed.

There have been changes to the leveling plan since the original forum write-up. Not surprising since the game has changed so much in two years. The biggest differences: unarmed combat gains benefits from the TWF chain, and there are now Monk prestige enhancements. I’ve updated the forum write-up with the current feat and enhancement lists.


A favorite thing to do: jump-cast Fireball while I yell “Ha-DOO-Gun” over voice chat and see who gets the Ryu reference.


This morning was a perfect illustration. I join Epic Partycrashers already in progress. I end up facing the red-named hammer fighter boss from the assassin troupe in the bathrooms with a Favored Soul. No idea where the rest of the party is.

  • Round 1: Punch Punch Punch – bad guy taking slow damage, FvS is taking a beating
  • Round 2: Cast Displacement, Heroism, Stoneskin on FVS, keep Haste on us both – FvS damage slows, DPS goes up a little
  • Round 3: Walk of the Sun finisher – DPS goes up a little. FvS gets stunned
  • Round 4: Grasp the Earth Dragon finisher – we won’t get stunned again. I get agro, but not taking much damage
  • Rounds 5-10: I keep up both finishers, Haste, Displacements, Stoneskins and Fire Shield (cold) plus my usual buffs. Punching toggles between Fists of Light, Smite, and Storm Strike III

A Rogue eventually joins us and agro switches but nothing really changes. The bad guy takes forever to kill but he can’t lay a hand on us; the end is inevitable.

And this was just one fight. There are so many buttons to mash to play her correctly. Spells, finishers, must have the right weapon … lots and lots of buttons. Its such a challenge! Playing Oriental is never boring.

What do you think?

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