May 132016

Turbine Power By Our Fans

Turbine developer NoWorries presented his proposal for changes to Cannith Crafting in this forum thread.

They are pretty significant changes.

Here are the highlights:

  • The system will go up to 30th level
  • It will work the way that new random loot works now, where first there is a minimum level, then whatever abilities are slotted in will be at that minimum level
  • Because of the way that abilities scale with level, there won’t be multiple different shards for each ability (glaciation I, glaciation II, etc). There will be just Glaciation, and it will be the same power level as the crafted item.
  • Another side effect of the minimum-level based system is that we won’t need Shards of Potential anymore. We will get some form of Minimum Level shards to apply to blanks
  • Instead of adding Masterful Craftsmanshp to reduce the minimum level of the item, we will be applying Marks of Cannith to add a third ability.
  • The current system will go away. Current shards will lose function. Blanks will carry forward (the new system uses blanks too, in the same way).
  • Crafting experience will NOT go away but will be applied to the new system
  • They are also going to do something (they don’t know what yet) about the experience curve to reduce the grindy-ness of it.

While they are at it, essences system will get a re-do as well, dropping the different sizes (no more Lesser and Greater. Just Essences) and maybe reducing the number of different kinds too. You will be able to exchange existing essences for the new ones.

Some things are not decided. Will there still be three schools of crafting? How will they level out the crafting XP curve? Is there anything they can do about the painful deconstruction process?

So, questions remain, and NoWorries is asking for your input to help answer those questions.

But don’t take my word for it. Go check it out for yourselves: here is the link again.

To me, the most exciting part of this is the philosophy behind the changes. NoWorries gives us insight into the ways that Crafted Loot matches up against Random Loot and Named Loot. Very familiar ways, to me at least. Eerily so. It’s like he read an essay that I published here more than two years ago – “On Loot” – and decided to embody it line-for-line.

I don’t pretend to believe, even for a moment, that anyone at Turbine read the essay and decided to re-do their entire loot system based on that one essay. But they could have, it is that similar. Uncanny.

There is a saying that “even a blind squirrel finds a nut now and then”. Mathematically speaking, even I have to be right sometimes. Not much mind you, but the law of averages pretty much requires that I get one right now and then. Even if the “law of averages” isn’t really a law at all.

So I guess you could say, with confidence, that yes, I am in favor of the new changes. You could even say they are exactly what I would have designed if it was mine to design. You could even say I already did.

Very much in favor. Very much so.

πŸ™‚ πŸ˜€ πŸ™‚

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  1. As long as they also improve the UI (because that is just so damn slow) I’ll be happy πŸ™‚

  2. The way it’s described –
    Grace and me will be happy!
    We can get crafting~

  3. I might actually be sad about function items (true seeing, melee alacrity, underwater action, etc.) if they don’t make it into the new version. I was just getting used to them..

    Although if this lets us craft the “perfect lootgen,” I foresee yet another huge power creep.

    • Yeah, current lootgen is missing a LOT of stuff that crafting makes up for.

    • According to NoWorries, it will always be possible to find something in lootgen that is better than can be crafted. If you get very lucky.

      And that is the way it should be.

      • I agree. The way I see it, it should always go:

        Raid Loot > Named Items > “SuperGood” Lootgen > Crafted Items

        However, there are a lot of functional items that seem to have disappeared from the current lootgen spectrum; and for heroic levels, Cannith crafting has a huge advantage in spell lore. As it stands now, I’m perfectly okay with it, as we have alternatives (can’t find a Muckbane? Make an everbright. Sorted!) and that works.

        However, copying the existing lootgen table and scrapping the functional items puts us backwards. Sure, there’s more combat power, but not everything is about that.

        And while I’m okay with shards being decommissioned, the existing items will hopefully be left alone.. I’m rather fond of my Screaming ______ of Bleeding weapons at level one πŸ˜›

        • NoWorries did say that any items crafted under the current system will remain “as is”. So if there’s stuff you really like to have, get crafting.

          • I’m so disorganised that I have no idea what to make, but as they say “Don’t Panic”!

      • Currently lootgen is better than crafted, except in a few instances. Tholgrin suggested a few.

  4. I’d like to see the whole prefix -suffix limitation go away, its certainly not there in the lootgen items, it certainly would be nice to be able to craft higher level items, as it is now, once you are past level 15 there is nothing worth crafting unless you just need a stop gap item till you loot something better. Would be nice if they fixed the lootgen randomization also, but that’s a different discussion.

  5. OK. Sounds interesting. But I understand that they are trying to make money so why not if you find an item you can strip the property from it based on your crafting level and then if your item you pull is so cool and want to strip it you have to buy something for 100 no failure to strip is like say 200 turbine points. otherwise the max you can get it 95%. Then to apply it to an item same thing for no fail purchase something from ddo store. or you can you use your crafting skills and apply that to the item. you would see people farming for items and the DDO gets some profit. I think that would fit the pay to win system but still give people a chance for freee. Kudos to Drakral…

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