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Axes of Knicker
Knicker is highly rated in APS (Awesome per second)

My currently highest-level character is a barbarian that wields a pair of Epic Templar’s Justice. I was quite pleased when I finished acquiring the pair, although Menace of the Underdark had been released the previous week, we hadn’t identified the various types of loot contained in the expansion pack yet, and as far as I knew, Knicker was legitimately holding the best possible dwarven axes in the game.

No she wasn’t, or at least I no longer think so, but at the time I didn’t yet know any better, and sometimes ignorance really is bliss.

Axes of Knicker
A moment of bliss

But now I know about things like the Duergar Waraxe. And all of the new random loot prefixes and suffixes. And now I am no longer certain about anything.

The Duergar Waraxe has increased base damage AND a greater critical range. I would think that would mean more DPS. In fact I am pretty sure of it. But still, Templar’s Justice has all kinds of onboard effects – Radiance, Holy Burst, etc. – and that has to count for something. Plus Templar’s Justice will defeat damage resistance on a wide variety of opponents, especially as I added Alchemical Silver via the weapon’s Red Augment Slot.

Win this pup!Which is better?

I came across a forum thread that I hoped would provide some enlightenment, “Best Dwarf Axe in the game?” but no, people mentioned several candidates and vague assumptions but no facts. The thread left me just as uninformed as I began.

During DDOCast Sunday night, Sig mentioned a DPS modeler. Sounds like just the thing! I had to do some searching but I did find it, “Weapons Damage Modeler“. Downloaded, opened, puttered …

The tool is a little bit difficult to figure out, but once I got the hang of things I found that it takes awhile to completely model one weapon, and even then there is nothing to compare the resultant model against. If I had the stats of every possible contender for best d-axe and I had the time to create a complex model for each one, this would thoroughly and definitively answer my question.

But I don’t know all those stats and I don’t have that much patience. So instead, I am just going to guess.

I guess that the Duergar Waraxe is a better weapon against opponents that can be critical hit, have no damage resistance, and do not have special weaknesses against Light, Good or Holy.

I guess that the Epic Templar’s Justice will still do more damage against high damage resistance opponents.

I know that the axes I already have will be really a lot easier to find than the waraxes I do not have.

I’m going to file this away as a vague sort of goal – acquire a pair of Duergar Waraxes – but one without urgency. If I get there, yay, but if I don’t, that’s okay too.

In the meanwhile, I’m going to keep throwing around the axes I already have and be quite pleased to do so.

🙂 😀 🙂

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  1. I think your mostly right in that the Duergar axe will be a hair more damage in the first number slot. But over all should be on pair with each other when you add in the other numbers.

    What i would say to do (and i am doing kinda) is keeping an eye out for a cheep version of the weapon type i want to use and pick it up and just try it. I would think that one with like vergo 10 wouldn’t cost that much on the AH or in the trade forums.

  2. What makes it ‘tough’ to compare are the crit ranges. Ignoring the difference in crit ranges, it looks to me (using ‘simple’ calcs) that TJ will fair better against evil opponents, but be just a hair less effective against non-evil. With crits, again they are pretty much on par, with TJ gaining the edge on evil (and that’s without the occasional Godly Wrath, or extra ’20’ Good Blast damage).

    Of course, with a slightly higher crit range, you would expect DA to crit more often, but IMO, especially since you have both cold iron and your alchemical silver DR bypasses, it wouldn’t be worth swapping out – if it were me, I’d just stick with the dual TJs.

    …but that’s me.

  3. Sorry, I am late on this, but I also think that the two TJ’s in your hands are MUCH better than 2 or more DWA’s that are just a possibility… And I am having a difficulty actually finding the shard and seal for the one I have. How many times did you run the series in order to get two epics? I have my one axe and the scroll, but have never even seen let alone found the other two pieces of it….

  4. Running the whole series is not effective. I focused on lords of dust and spinner of shadows and ran them dozens of times each.

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