Jul 232013

Ejecta may be soloing but she is far from alone

Still in hot pursuit of a Mournlode Maul, my latest requirement is to compile 2400 Epic Mephit Wings. And that means Epic Buying Time, a lot of it, really a lot of it.

I find myself surprisingly okay with this idea. I like the kobold-based mining challenges, they focus your attention completely and require more thinking than just swinging or casting.

“Strategery” for the win.

I have this challenge down to a pattern too. Unlike yesterday’s Time is Money video, this challenge is Epic. And I have more hirelings. And my character is the lovely and talented Ejecta Patera, level 24 control caster.

Sadly, the challenge is filled with monsters at CR 25 that won’t be very controllable, but I do have those extra hirelings and that helps. A great deal.

The basic plan of attack is the same as pursued in Time is Money:

  • Summon hirelings and (minimal) buffs
  • Pull up unnecessary torches right away. They only distract the kobolds and make them go into dangerous places
  • Don’t invest in a long torch line until you know where you want to go
  • Leave active, planted hireling(s) in the kobold home zone to deal with – or at least delay – “Incoming” events

I minimize purchasing: one healing torch, 5 regular torches, 5 workers, one teleporter.

If the video (directly above this caption) does not load or work properly, refresh the page, or give it a few minutes. Sometimes new YouTube videos are just like that

Note that at the one minute mark, I am done summoning and buffing, have pulled up all the extra torches, and have scouted East and North. I don’t bother to scout West before starting the torch line there, with nothing in any other direction it doesn’t matter, only West remains. Go West young kobold!

While there are other strategies that will gain more Mephit Wings, this one wins in five minutes. One may buy additional time and go for more challenge stars or try to clear more crystals, but that takes longer and means one has to deal with the red-name bosses.

I’ll take my 100 Epic Mephit Wings and my 5500 XP. Yes, even though this is repetition ten (or 20, or 200 I’ve lost track) I am still earning more than 5K XP per run. Or in other words, 1K per minute.

Not bad, not bad at all.

πŸ™‚ πŸ˜€ πŸ™‚

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