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Ack! This is horribly out of date. Some of the builds in here remain viable even into Update 15 but only some.

Use At Your Own Risk!

I like to challenge myself with unusual builds. I dislike cookie cutters. But there is often a reason why a build becomes a cookie cutter – it’s probably pretty good!

If you are considering playing one of these builds, the ones marked “pure class” or “straightforward” will be less likely to get you mocked by your friends.


Sly Dirkly: Assassin 18 / Paladin 2 with UMD
High DPS with assassin with good skills and extra survivability
Currently: On Standy
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WuJen: Fighter 7 / Wizard 7 / Monk 2
Meleer and support caster
Currently: Needs update for Mod9
Forum writeup
JABOK: Pure class Kensai STR TWF intimidator
Just A Bunch Of Khopeshes
Currently: Being leveled by a guildie. Performs well in groups.
Forum writeup Character sheet
Knucklestorm: Pure-class Monk
All kung fu, all the time
Currently: On standby
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River Tam: TWF Evasive Berzerker Barb 18 / Rog 2
Tiny little girl, giant blood-dripping axes
Currently: Level 16 and performing very well.
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The Punchist: Kensai Karate Master Fighter 18 / Monk 2
Best possible DPS a halfling can get using unarmed combat
Currently: On standby
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Oriental Adventures: Monk 12/Wizard 8
Kung Fu Caster
Currently: Capped recently. My most fun to play character.
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Strongarm THF barbarian 14 / Ftr 2
A build for a friend, aims for top-shelf THF capabilites
Currently: being leveled by a friend. The writeup needs updating for mod9
Forum writeup Character sheet
Daydreaming: Tempest Assassin Rgr 6 / Rog 14
A build for a friend, aims for premier backstabbery and top-shelf trapsmithing combined in a halfling-sized package
Currently: being leveled by a friend. The writeup needs updating for mod9
Forum writeup Character sheet
Diabolica: Evil Halfling Fvs 19 / Wiz 1 Necromancer
What would happen if a favored soul was built to nuke but only allowed to take Necromancy spells?
Played but only to Eighth level. Difficult build to play at lower levels, but had signs of getting better as levels increase. Want to try this again.
Forum writeup Character sheet
Angelique: Good Halfling Fvs 20 Battle/Healer
Built to support the party, but from the front lines
Currently: Played through level eight and performing very well.
Forum writeup Character sheet
Tim the Enchanter: Archmage Evoker/Enchanter
An exercise in min/maxing for spell points and the ability to crowd control while playing Epic
Currently: being leveled by a friend and performing well.
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Spellbook: Straightforward WF Pure-class wizard
Unlike a lot of WF wizards, this one is not a battlemage, but instead aims to be as effective a pure caster as can be done with a WF
Currently: being leveled by a friend
Forum writeup Character sheet
Favo-Ranger: Elven Favored Soul 18 / Ranger 2 Arcane Archer
Excellent party support Divine caster with ability to contribute offensively via very good ranged combat
Currently: Built as a challenge, but it turned out so well I am going to have to roll this as soon as I get 32-point builds on Cannith
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Jayne Cobb: Human Pure-Class Gunner and Knife Fighter
The hero of Canton, the man they call Jayne!
Currently: On permanent standby. This is a fun build but I’m not sure it is viable
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Sword Golem: WF Paladin 6 / Rogue 2 / Fighter 12 Kensai Evasion Juggernaut
Greatsword specialist built around the Bladesworn Transformation ability
Currently: Started slowly but improves with age and is now one of my most effective characters.
Forum writeup Character sheet Image
Doublestriker: Elf KotC 14 / Shintao 6 TWF Smitist
An attempt to maximize the new double strike feature in Update 5
Currently: brand new build, still seeking public comments.
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Existing characters I need to write up

Mawry: Halfling Commando Ranger 13 / Fighter 6/ Wizard 1
Able to fill any role in a party except main healer or intimitank
Currently: working towards completionist, about to finish third life this time as a (mainly) rogue, but always remains very Commando
Character sheet Image
Sparksy: Halfling Pure-class Lightning-spec Wizard
Straightforward nuking caster
Currently: Has been capped since 2006. Decent in epics but wants a massage of her spell DCs. Multiple TRs now required for wizards?
Character sheet Image
Child of Murder: Drow Assassin 18 / Fighter 2
Pure DPS
Currently: Stuck at 14 / 2 awaiting some attention
Character sheet
Coin Serf: Hagglebot with benefits Sorceror 19 / Rog 1
Nukes, Debuffs, and a Haggle in the high 60’s
Currently: Has been capped since 2006 and nearing cap again.
Character sheet Image
Chelena Armstrong: Halfling Barbarian
The Worlds Strongest Halfling. Critical Rage, Kensai maul and Evasion, but her best feature is her fearsome BattleSqueak! Reworked for Epic and is now frenzied berzerker 12/kensai 8
Currently: Kicking a$$ in Epic quests. I am very happy with her recent changes.
Character sheet Image
Rancyd: Halfling Pure-class Spellsinger with Repeater
With a bard, anything more than songs is gravy. Rancyd attempts to bring the gravy with a selection of repeaters
Currently: Rancyd is intentionally stalled at level 16 so I have someone to use with leveling guildies.
Character sheet Image

What do you think?