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Recently, it became possible to turn in 10,000 Mysterious Remnants for a cosmetic gear hat titled “Crown of Fire”. It didn’t stay possible for very long, only a few days. And yet, somehow, someone accumulated the 10,000 remnants needed to buy the hat.

And … well, it may be best to just show you what happened:

Fireless Crown of Fire
Crown: check! Fire: ummm …

You may note a lack of fire on the Crown of Fire. In fact, this hat is already in-game, or at least a differently-colored version of it, I am not clear. But I am clear that the hat purchaser was not pleased. Not pleased at all. So not pleased that he titled his forum thread “Crown of Fire Outrage“.

Personally, I found it a but outrageous that he already had 10,000 remnants! This was still back in January, they had only been in the game for two weeks. But somehow he did; it must have been a herculean effort; only to get a rather plain-looking hat. And my opinion doesn’t matter anyway, they were not my remnants.

I tried to imagine what a crown of fire should look like. My first thought was something like this, except on a hat:

A crown of fire, if only I had the photoshop skills to make it look more crowny
If only I had the photoshop skills to make this look more crowny

But I don’t have the graphic chops to make that happen. So instead I made something a little more subtle.

More crowny, less fire
More crowny, but less fire, and still awkwardly done

Would I pay 10,000 remnants for this? Maybe, if it looked like it belonged on her head, unlike the bad photoshopping I was able to do.

Nonetheless, all of our fears were for naught, Turbine jumped in themselves to clarify. According to Severlin, the hat was supposed to look like this:

A fiery Crown of Fire

So … not an outrage at all. Just another bug. Because we can’t get enough bugs in this game. A hat who’s only purpose is to look good gets released even though it has a bug that prevents it from looking good.

Hat, you only had one job!

Apparently, even though we have an all-new team of developers, we still have quality control issues that allow these kinds of things to happen. Still. After eight years of inadequate quality control.

Does that count as another form of outrage? I think it does.

πŸ™‚ πŸ˜€ πŸ™‚

[Edit] As provided by our very own Jerry Snook, a.k.a. Cordovan, a newer version of the Crown of Fire:

Crown of Champion Fire

No release schedule was included. One can only hope that this time, someone will test to ensure it actually contains fire before releasing it for use.

It looks strangely familiar! I wonder if all the monsters will want to kill the wearer to see if he or she drops a Mysterious Remnant?

Pretty cool.

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  1. After bug is fixed, this helm will be perfect for my Aztec-flavored build

  2. IF and I SAY IF – This becomes popular, it looks to me as a possible flaming Lag Cap? Or is the reason it is not performing correctly a correctly running SOMETHING to help stop the mighty Lag Monster?

  3. If I had known you were going to publish this today I could have given you a heads up. πŸ™‚ Here’s the alternate version of the Crown of Fire, in case you wanted to update the blog: http://content.turbine.com/sites/edm/ddo/cmty/fire_crownv2.gif

  4. The bug is small potatoes, imo the bigger deal is the 10k remnants, that’s ridiculous I usually put a fair amount of my weekend into playing DDO with my friends if were not physically getting together but there’s NO way I could hunt down that many remnants, ONE thousand would be hard enough.

    So yeah waste of the art department imo since 95% of the community will never see it. (outside of gifs)

    That said the “Champion” version is way cooler imo. I’d love to have one for my Fire Savant/Henshin Mystic.

  5. I think it more likely other players will want to attack you, to see if you drop “remnants”…

  6. I suppose there must be a couple Giants here or there might be tripping over themselves to order their next birthday cake. Imagine the enormous cake all a twinkle with a thousand little, squirming, hot heads. Ok, Reaver you old rag-doll you; blow out the candles.

  7. Natalie thinks the alternate looks cool but not as cool as what the original was supposed to look like.

  8. I predict that a the hidden backstory of the remnants unfolds the crown will eventually have a effect other than cosmetic.

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