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Brymn Haversack and his companion Shaggydog
Brymn, Shaggydog, and a set of obsolete enhancements

I am figuring out the new enhancements on Lamannia. I’ve decided to do it by featuring one character at a time, both the live server version of the character and the newly-enhanced Lamannia version, and share both the process and the results with you.

Today I am working up Brymn Haversack, my Accidental Battle Cleric.

Brymn is famous within my guild for lots of things but healing is not one of them. Or any of them. He can heal, let’s make no mistake, and his build is aimed more at healing and party support than anything. But his favorite method of healing is to jump in to the front line and swing away while throwing Radiant Bursts and Mass Cures as needed.

Except he often gets carried away with the first part of that (the swinging away) and forgets the second part (anything to do with healing). This is how he became the accidental battlecleric.

Again, it’s not that he’s incapable, more like I hold him back. I am not good at the “staring at everyone’s health bars” thing, I forget, people die.

If I play him several times in a row, my Hjealbot skills improve. I can even – eventually – achieve something like competence. Once I solo-healed the Shroud, back in the day when that was a difficult feat and a meaningful thing to say. Brymn and I did it.

So the potential is there. It is just rarely realized.

This article is part of a series where I am trying to get my brain up to speed on the new enhancement system. I’m doing it in the context of my characters, examining them one at a time, attempting to rebuild them on Lamannia as they are on the live servers, then stepping back and comparing the before and after versions.

I’ve always wanted to turn Brymn into an Intimi-Cleric, have him stick his nose into the fight and grab agro, then shield block and throw out cures when needed. That is the kind of party healing I think I could actually be proficient at doing. But I’ve never managed to come up with a build that can really pull that off. Either there are not enough hit points, or not enough Intimidate, or not enough Hjealbot. It is a conundrum.

But I digress. On with the new enhancements!

It becomes immediately obvious that there is nothing in the Halfling racial panel for Brymn. Nothing. Everything there is about backstabbing and skirmish-style roguish combat, none of which is anything like Brymn. That leaves two panels, Healing Domain and Protection Domain. Which by the sound of things, may actually fit Brymn pretty well.

I should point out that the Cleric enhancements are vastly unpopular amongst everyone I’ve seen discussing them. They got a big “double bleh” when discussed on DDOCast as well. The reason for all this dislike is that they are only about Healing and Protection. There are other, lesser reasons, but mainly, being a Hjealbot is no longer considered to be a fun way to play DDO. Everyone has to be all battle-clericy all the time. “Bring Your Own Healing!” they say right in the LFM, and woe indeed to the hapless noob who asks for a buff  – or worse, a cure!

Brymn, on the other hand, would have selected Healing and Protection panels even if there were also Violent Pummeling and Offensive Casting panels. But that may just be me.

Old Enhancement Capabilities New Enhancement Capabilities
  • Divine intervention capstone
  • Radiant servant II
  • Positive energy aura
  • Positive energy burst
  • Unyielding sovereignty
  • Heal skill 2
  • Divine vitality
  • Wand and scroll mastery 3
  • Improved spell pen 3
  • Energy of the zealot 3
  • Metamagic empower healing 1
  • Prayer of life 2
  • Prayer of incredible life
  • Life magic 4
  • CHA +2
  • WIS +3
  • Death pact
  • Sanctuary – a burst of stacking PRR and energy resistance and +4 saves
  • Divine cleansing 3
  • Purge dark magics 3
  • Positive energy aura
  • Positive energy burst
  • Positive energy shield
  • Unyielding sovereignty
  • Heal +3 but also Concentration and Diplomacy +3
  • Blur (permanent blur plus now castable on others)
  • Cure focus – no maximum level on cure spells
  • Metamagic empower healing 3
  • Energy resistance +6
  • Healing domain – bonus Light and Positive spell power
  • Intense healing +3 caster levels on Positive spells
  • Protection +AC and Universal spell power
  • Radiant servant: 2 more WIS and bonuses with Positive spells
  • Sacred touch 3 gives those you cure +3 AC and +3 PRR
  • Toughness 15 HP
  • WIS +6 (total including Radiant Servant)

Way more action-based buttoning; as if clerics didn’t already have enough trouble managing hotbars! But I believe that is a good problem to have, because each of the new actions is bringing something useful to the table. Two of them are Spell-Like Abilities that provide Death Pact and a bundle of remedies that ought to make it easier to save spell points for other things.

What is missing? Well, Spell Penetration obviously. And the Divine Intervention capstone – replaced with a useless new Radiant Servant capstone that adds unpredictable (and therefore useless) burst healing to cure spells. One can still get the Divine Intervention capstone but one one has to maximize in the Protection domain and Brymn cannot do that and also be Radiant Servant. At least, not that I have yet figured out.

Also, I think I am losing out on spell critical chance, and will have slightly lower total spell points. On the other hand, Brymn’s Positive Spellpower improves by about 25. And critical spell chance is useless anyway on cure spells (that undependable burst healing thing again).

More Wisdom. Less Charisma, and also less need for Charisma. More efficient spell point use on heals. And a slew of other abilities that are interesting even if not really core such as Sacred Touch and Intense Healing. Things I would not have bought if I didn’t need to spend points but which may prove (slightly) beneficial. Maybe.

I can see why people who are playing Battle Clerics or Offensive Caster Clerics are disappointed, there really isn’t much there for them. But as for Brymn, I think Brymn is actually stronger now on Lamannia than he is on the live servers. The new enhancements look good on him.

🙂 😀 🙂

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  1. I briefly looked at the new enhancements on Lamannia and I was confused when trying to compare to current enhancements. You’ve done a much better job of lining up changes!

    What I do notice between your setup and mine is a lack undead turn improvements – more turns and better turning power. Is turning power considered a “Battle Cleric” thing too? My level 19 cleric is big on healing, buffing and turning – swinging my mace and killing stuff (at level) is mediocre at best.

    • No, there are Turn-enhancing Enhancements available. I just didn’t take any. If I recall correctly, there was at least one that boosted your Turn level, and another that instantly killed anything you Turn, as opposed to running or cowering as sometimes happens otherwise.

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