Feb 182013

Good and Bad Looking Chelena
The good, the badass, and the ugly. Very ugly.

Two related things, both of which are most excellent, returned to us this weekend.

First and most important, mid-day Saturday our beloved DDO returned from unexpected hiatus, albeit without the accompanying DDOStore. But then we played this game for three years without the DDOStore; it’s absence should not matter.

But I was surprised to find that the lack of DDOStore actually did impact me. There were two times this weekend when I wanted to buy something from the store but could not. No hireling rogue for you! No craftable trinket either! Get out there and earn your own stuffs!

And so I made do, finding traps using the barbarian method (stick your face in there and see what explodes) and without having a Devotion of Healing Lore item on my DEX-based battle-cleric (as if I would remember to heal anyone anyway).

Whether or not I was playing with everything I wanted, I was playing; A huge improvement over the previous three days.

The second thing that returned this weekend is my Chelena Armstrong, the World’s Strongest Halfling, finally making her way back to level 20. This may seem like a minor return to you but it was significant to me. Partly because it took so damn long. But mainly because it meant I could shed the hideous Mountain Plate she’d been wearing and resume wearing the elegant and useful Epic Deneith Heavy Chain.

Bringing unsexy backI mean no disrespect to the Turbine artist who designed the various Mountain Plate skins. I’m sure this one would look marvelous on a larger wearer. But on Chelena this particular armor was really, really unattractive.

Consider the extra-humongous shoulder protector. I mean, what is that? A giant hunk of metal, just hanging there without visible means of support or purpose. She’d be banging her head against it all day long. It isn’t even on the correct side: armor commonly has extra protection on the wearer’s left side where it is more likely to protect from a right-handed attacker.

The massive hip protector is on the correct side of Chelena’s body but it is so large and massive that trying to walk while it is attached must feel like tying a Ford Pinto around your waist and dragging it through an adventure.

I considered banking the armor, just in case I TR Chelena again some day, but I don’t want to run the risk of having to look at it for several weeks again. Off to the deconstructor!

Ugly Mountain Plate
Dispose of it while you can!
Taking no chances

Re-achieving level 20 has also unlocked an improved set of Mauls for Chelena’s usage. She has decided to dedicate herself to collecting a set of varied mauls that will apply to most any situation: an Epic Fury of the Flame, Earth-based tier-3 Alchemical Maul, and an Epic Hammer of Life.

That ought to keep her busy awhile 🙂

Welcome back DDO, and welcome back Epic Chelena Armstrong. I missed both of you.

🙂 😀 🙂

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  1. I put that same Mountain Plate on my dwarf yesterday… And promptly went to the newly operational DDO store for the cheapest armor kit possible.

  2. I’ve always been rather fond of the epic ratkiller too, and with the birthday coming up if you don’t have it already it’s not all that hard to get. Also, don’t underestimate a drow maul of the weaponmaster for pure damage-dealing vs. things without DR , its a +6 maul with 3[1d10] 19-20/x3, maiming & +10 to some kind of tactical thing, stunning is naturally the most sought-after. Add in other things like the dreadnaught destiny abilities & improved criticals, overwhelming criticals etc. & you’ve got a scarily powerful thing there 🙂

  3. Yeah. I’ve noticed the ridiculous huge shoulder bits on the heavy armors. I don’t like it.

  4. Those pauldrons that so many of the newer armors seem to feature – they’re just butt-ugly. Congrats to Chelena on reaching 20 again! 🙂

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