Mar 152012

Sparksy Haversack and Danger Dog

Sparksy is dead. Long Live Sparksy!

The replacement wizard is starting to come into her own, the Artificer build I wrote up has been reviewed and adjusted, time to stop procrastinating and get on with Sparksy’s reincarnation from Wizard to Artificer.

And so I did.

Sparksy and Dangerdog have entered Stormreach, ready to answer the call of Justice. Or at least, the call of True Neutrality since that’s the way she went.

Early impressions are not at all different from my first original fumblings with the class on Lamannia just before it was released: the repeating crossbow is so overpowered at low levels that it is hard to get a feel for anything else.

But I have a nice collection of Rune Arms, two that I can equip already, and I’m trying to determine the optimal button for Rune Arm use. So far it seems to be tilde. Not because I like it but more that everything else seems to be taken.

One word of caution, maybe it seems obvious to everyone else, but for some reason I didn’t realize that if I added a Superior Potency II shard to my Thought Spike it would make it a min-level 5 item. Which is really quite useless, by the time I hit 5th level I will need Superior Potency III, and I already have other min-level 5 Rune-Arms ready and waiting. I might as well have thrown the Thought Spike away.

And a balancing word of optimism: the dog is more fun than I’d expected. Usually it just attacks things and dies, but in a strangely cute way? I’ve converted it into a Hunter of Boxes and find that I miss it when I am playing my other characters.

With that one glitch aside, I’ve run Sparksy up to fourth level and it has been super smoo-oo-ooth. But then I suspect it is for most characters now, what with the ability to custom-craft low level items, and ship buffs that provide improvements that were formerly only available on seventh-level items.

Good times. I’ll report back when she approaches 10th level and I am starting to get a real feel for her as a viable character.

🙂 😀 🙂

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  1. Have to admit, I still love playing my artificer. He may not do huge damage, but he can certainly do good levels of damage.

    I think it may be a while before I TR him 🙂

  2. Just a little FYI…your pet will also have action points to spend on enhancements. I’m sure most people may already know this but I recently learned this (my Arti is a level 10 now). Needless to say once I found this out he had 20 points to spend…adding the reinforced plating and such made him way more durable. Just a note for those whom may not be aware so they don’t wait until level 10 to figure this out.

  3. Ooh! I hadn’t really thought about what to craft on Rune Arms! Can you use a shard of Masterful Craftmanship to lower the min level by two after you’ve added another effect?

    • Yup. And in fact I did, thereby retrieving the usefulness of my thought Spike after I had written this post.

      Shindurza pointed out that you can use the mark on any Rune Arm, even one that you have not crafted at all, thereby reducing the item min level by two.

  4. I think Dangerdog needs a cape…

  5. Hahaha, hilarious!

    I use tilde to select the closest enemy. I’m pretty okay with the ALT button for the rune-arm, it’s not like I know any better that’s what I “grew up” with.

    She looks badass.

  6. This is why Marks of House Cannith are schmexy!

  7. I miss Sparksy.

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