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Puzzle Complete! Except no, it is not, only the solver is complete.

Uh oh

All eyes are on you.

“I’ve got the puzzle”, you said, and you did, at least at first. Your masterful use of the puzzle solver allows you to quickly and confidently advance through row after row of colored skulls.

“This is it”, you say, as the solver indicates “Complete”, and you exude self-assuredness as you swagger to the activator, knowing that one pull of the lever is going to prove to the world that indeed, you’ve got the puzzle, as you said, with both speed and precision. You are going to be the star of the raid.

Except no. You don’t have the puzzle. It is not solved. Not complete. And now your solver is useless to you too.

You are failing.


And all eyes are on you.

It is DDO’s equivalent of that dream where you find yourself in school but have somehow forgotten to put on pants.

For the first moment, the only answer is panic. Heart pounding, adrenaline thumping PAAAAANNIC! But only for a moment. Then reason sets in. You are not in front of your class. You do have your pants on, or if not, are in your home where pantslessness is totally okay.

It’s just a game.

Deep breath. Ahhhhh. That’s better.

Only later, while writing this, do I finally find my error: an errant blue skull where should have been yellow

Only later, while writing this, do I finally find my mistake: an errant blue skull where should have been yellow

But meanwhile, you haven’t solved the puzzle, and the timer is ticking; you don’t have all day. You examine your choices and compare them to what is in the solver; at first glance anyway, it seems you did everything right. But this is a waste of time; either because of (unlikely) internal bug, or (more likely) user error, the solver has failed you.

You need to figure this out yourself.


You have to remind yourself that white lights mean you had a color correct, while black lights mean the color and placement were both correct. You have two rows showing three black lights: twice you had three skulls in the right place and color.

Logic, man, apply logic!

The only difference between the two rows that had three black lights is the third position. Clearly, it is not 3, and it is not 6. What else could it be? Scanning the board, it seems that it cannot be 2, as the first row had 2 in the third slot and no black lights. Similarly, it cannot be 5. So it must be either 1 or 4.

Quickly now, set it to 1, pull the lever: Nothing. More air elementals.

Tick tick tick, time is running out

Puzzle Complete! And this time, you mean it.
Grace under pressure

Set it to 4, pull the lever: At last! You really do have the puzzle after all!


Sometimes, the silliest things yield the most excitement.

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  1. Hey I never ran this raid but I have played the master mind puzzle before and used the learning thingy from wiki. Question is: Do you have unlimited tries while there is still time. Or do you only have 12 chances?

  2. Manual solving can be quicker, but parties panic if they don’t see the familiar blue, blue, green, green, ahahhahhaha ๐Ÿ˜›

  3. if it hasnt changed, there is no limit to the number of pulls you get, but the extra pulls overwrite the last slot, so you dont get to reference anything after the 9th pull

  4. Did you change anything with the comments Geoff? Suddenly they appear to be light grey on a white or light grey background for me (usually they show as white on a black or dark grey background to me) with this article ( but not with the one you wrote today about the last drops of favor towards 5000).

    Apart from that, I will have to get my son and wife do do this raid, they love playing it in real life ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Just ignore that first part, after reloading it returned to how it was before

  6. Have to love the reaver puzzle. A guildie of mine had this puzzle marked down to a tee.

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