Bloodless Moon

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Oct 082014

I had this idea that I’d get up early and take pictures of the great Blood Moon Eclipse of 2014 to share with you all. Good plan too, and one I executed surprisingly well. I am not a morning person, and especially, not an early morning person. Yet there I was.

One fatal flaw: crappy phone camera. Actually it is not a crappy phone camera, it is decent in its own way and purpose, but it quickly revealed itself to be very crappy indeed at capturing celestial phenomena.

No surprise there, really, if I’d thought about it for more than 10 nanoseconds. But then, like I said, not a morning person.

So here you go, I got up early to take these and I’m going to share them no matter how crappy they turned out. Because. Up. Early.

Blood Moon, sans Blood

There is a larger version – still crappy, but in original 11700×4160 pixel resolution – available if you click here. But beware, it is really large, and not any better. Just larger.

In person, the moon really was reddish and awesomely beautiful. I am calling this post “Bloodless Moon” only because that is how it appears in my crappy photos. Just so you can see for yourself, here is how it would look if I had the slightest clue about these things:

Pretty, isn’t it? So beautiful, one might think it was painted rather than pictured. Like something you’d see if you look up in the sky of the Menechtarun Desert. Breathtaking.

Although in fairness, NASA is sort of the experts on the whole picturing-the-moon kind of thing.

Lovely though, isn’t it?

🙂 😀 🙂

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  1. *cough* APOD *cough*

    If you don’t know what that is, you really need to look it up (use your Google-fu, Luke…).

    {Not to detract from your pics; they are still quite nice.}

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