Apr 072010

After guild quests last night, I found myself wandering House Deneith on my 8th level rogue Evangleyne, a seldom-used trapsmith who’s main purpose is to ensure I have someone at that level range for guild grouping purposes.

I encountered an unfamiliar quest entrance and NPC – “Blood Road”, in a story arc called Spies in the House, clearly something to do with the new Update 4 content, but not on the main storyline? We spent the night running the quest chain already, this must be an optional?

Everyone else had logged so I thought I’d just see what the quest looked like, no commitment (I was going to log out at any minute), and my plucky little rogue enters by herself on Normal.

And immediately fell in love.

Traps! Underwater! Literally a trapmonkey’s wet dream! Monsters that can be sniped with intelligence rather than beaten down with brute strength, and a full metric buttload of traps (14 that I found, who knows how many I missed) and thinking – yes, thinking! – everywhere.

“What does this valve do?”
“Where do these pipes go?”
“How do I get up there?”

It is not just thinking – there is more than one fight that was every bit as much as my trappy rogue could handle. Once I simply got lucky as the environment killed off the guy that was about to finish me. But mainly this is a quest you solo with your brain, not your maximized firewall or your superior twitch skills.

There is a some “mario” to the quest, but it was a harmless amount that I could handle even with my utter lack of platforming skills. How to get from place to place IS the puzzle for this quest. I hate Coalescence Chamber but I loved this.

Suddenly hours have passed and it is 1:00am. I can see the exit tunnel but have to figure out how to get there. Ah hah, there is the ladder! One final fight – using every clickie and buff pot I have, I am taking no chances now! – and I am there. A win! Yay!

And the exit dumps me out in the Harbor, right next to Harbormaster Zin. I turn off the game and head to bed with a chuckle.

Thanks Blood Road! I don’t even like soloing, but that was as much fun as I’ve had playing this game in a long time.

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  1. This sounds like an amazingly fun instance!

    I’d love to play my Rogue more but the higher level I reach (he’s 4th atm) the less ‘intelligent’ dungeons I’ve been finding.

    So I just go on my monk, evade and quick-smash everything. Fun up to a point. :/

    I will definitely keep Blood Road on my list of instances to seek out. Thanks for the review!!

  2. You’ll want to try the Sharn Syndicate on your rogue too then, all of the quests except the last one seem as if they were designed to be solo’d by a rogue.

    And especially, once you get another level or two, try Prove Your Worth in Three Barrel Cove. Another awesome brainfest that is more than worthy of your time.

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