Feb 252013
  • Gems in every chest
    Another pile of incredibly valuable gems? Again? <Yawn>

    There is a bug in the game. I know, I know, it’s hard to believe that such a thing could happen! Yet it has.

    All sad attempts at sarcasm aside, there is something highly unusual about this bug in that it is one that works in our favor. Not so much in our favor that Turbine has to hurry out a hotfix patch. But in our favor nonetheless.

    We are looting way more gems than was intended.

    Turbine developer Feather_of_Sun reassures us that the extra gems are not preventing us from receiving our normal loot, they are indeed extra. The same post confirms that the extra gems are temporary and will stop dropping in a (near?) future update.

    One day of mining gemsA bug that works purely in our favor! Normally, player-favor bugs lead to exploits. But not this time, looting chests can hardly be considered exploitive behavior. Each time you loot you are reaping the benefits of this error.

    Experience varies with this as with any other randomized part of the game, but I have been getting gems in every single chest. They add up in a hurry, especially on epics: the image I include to the right shows gems worth 217K plat! I filled that bag over a single day; it had been emptied sometime Saturday.

    Will this have further inflationary impacts on the game economy? I would guess not, the economy is so astoundingly inflated already that one must pony up a million plat or more to get almost anything worthwhile.

    Another mitigation is that there are many people who rarely sell their gems, instead hoarding them in the hopes that someday they will have an in-game effect.

    Like, for instance, me. I do sell them sometimes, but not often. Someday my thousand-plus Jacinths are going to have magical properties and be highly sought! And not just my Jacinths but also my thousands of glittering Diamonds and Rubies and Opals and Green Spinels (whatever a “spinel” turns out to be) …

    Then, then I shall rule the world! Bwaahahahahaha!

    🙂 😀 🙂

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    1. Hang on a min? You hoard gems too? Jeff this is just a symptom of your previously discussed inventory problem. Let them go man, just let them all go.

    2. Nah… what happens is that DDO will soon implement a bejeweled kind of mini game.

    3. Honestly, this bug only works in our favor if you’ve (1) ponied up for a large (or even huge) bag from the store on that particular character (something I will NEVER do until they go BtA); (2) ponied up for a large bag from the AH (at those prices even *before* this bug? Not likely); (3) gotten enough planar shards to trade in for a large gem bag (something I’m extremely unlikely to do as I don’t spend all that much time in the SubT, and even if planar shards were BtA I wouldn’t even come close to being able to trade in for any kind of bag); or (4) lucked out and looted a large gem bag (theoretically possible, but I’m not gonna hold my breath).

      As it stands, however, all those gems can fill up an inventory FAST. Ran Acute Delirium and Lord of Eyes (and the latter not even to completion, as I simply wanted to get some beholders…) and filled up my Small bag and my Medium bag and *still* had 7 gems rattling around my backpack. They need to up the drop rate of large gem bags or *something* as long as this is going on…

    4. I don’t mind the gems so much, as I generally sell them each time I’m at a vendor, but I DO mind that they seem to have replaced random lootgen stuff. Pre-U17, I could usually count on getting 2-3 lootgen items and maybe some mostly useless odd stuff (cure mod pots, repair kits, arrows, etc.). Now I get ONE lootgen item and gems gems gems. I’d much rather have the lootgen myself; I’ve gotten some nice stuff for my lowbies that way. I’m running into the inventory space issue as well. Slvr used his bard’s well-over-100 haggle skill to get medium gem bags for a bunch of our toons last night – I’m a pack rat who’s always overflowing her backpack already, and all these gems are just making it worse.

      Of course, since this makes it hard for me to run quests what with having to run to a vendor every five minutes, Turbine could make it up to me by simply giving me the beholder pet that I’m SURE I’d have by now if I weren’t spending all my time vendoring gems… *g*

      • Sorry, I didn’t see this until now, but we’ve gotten assurances that this is not effecting our lootgen stuff. Not just a single comment either, but an involved back and forth with others who were sharing your anecdotal opinion to the contrary.

        It seems the extra gems are truly extra

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