Mar 102012
Like a fox
I, on the other hand, am stupid like a …
well … a big dumb stupido.

Yes, that was me, with the serial LFMs all day for Tower of Despair groups with the same character.

But wait, you say (and I hear you), some of those groups filled! Why are you filling again on the same character?

Well, it’s like this …

My first run of the day was with a group of five or so people who were in the same guild, or at least knew each other. Lots of banter, jobs assigned to people who knew how to do them, having a competent core of folks who have practice working together is a real plus.

I was able to focus on castering, and did pretty well, running up the kill count, buffing and CC’ing and fingering like a boss.

A very smooth run and soon Horoth is down to his final few hit points. I throw my last SP into one more DOT refresh, grab a beating stick and jump into the melee pit.


Loading screen. I am in House P.

Either I forgot to equip my Boots of Anchoring altogether, or I miss-clicked when swapping them to cast Haste on the Sully group halfway through the end fight. But either way, I was only seconds from a successful completion, but now I am Banished and need to start completely over from scratch.


Not really a problem, many worse things happen all the time, no reason not to just swash my own buckle and start another group.

And so I do. It takes awhile to fill, I end up having to spam for healers, and when we finally are assembled in the quest we have that one guy that keeps D/Cing for five minutes at a time over and over.

But eventually we are underway. I am typing jobs and buffing and focused on leadering. I assign myself to the role of Reconstructing the WF melee who will be tanking the Judge and off we go. The two of us are quickly surrounded by fire elementals, but I don’t worry, it’s always like that, and start Reconstructing.

Except no, I am dead, and so is the WF melee.

Did I buff myself up for fire resistance? Was I so busy leadering and buffing everyone else that I forgot something basic like Fire Shield? Seriously, I cannot remember if I cast any buffs on myself at all. I must have, right?

In spite of the random nature of our grouping it seems we have a strong party. They shrug off the bad start, eliminate the Jailor, and rather quickly eliminate the Judge as well. Part two goes very smoothly as well, and soon we are in the Hall of Judgement, facing First General Horoth and his cohorts.

I am typing jobs and buffing and casting Rage and … wait, that Rage didn’t get everyone? Weird, I wonder if the old limit of six-per-Rage-cast has returned? I’ll cast it again …


Loading screen. I am in House K.

I got so distracted I lost my place in the cut scene and didn’t notice Horoth was ready to drop. No boots and I am Banished again. No last Haste for the group. No wizard that was supposed to Recon the Sully tank. One other member (a DPS melee) was waiting for the last haste and got banished too.

It really was a good group. They pulled together again and won without us. Very nicely I might add.

Twice in a row. Who gets Banished twice in a row?

I tried to fill another group but apparently the server’s demand for ToD runs was already fulfilled. Or maybe it was the Fates saving me from total meltdown. Either way, thirty minutes pass with no healers and the group disbands.

Seriously, who gets banished twice in a row?

I think I am going to nail those boots to the bottom of Ejecta’s pixellated feet.

πŸ™‚ πŸ˜€ πŸ™‚

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  1. It’s the only quest where player characters can get banished, of course, so the raid, as with others, has a “gotcha.”

    But yeah, your fortunes today were so bad, you somehow rolled a “0”. But raid time is like baseball. There’s always another game.

    Sounds like a new DDoMotivator picture to me. Make a shot of a heavily armed and obviously uber player doing the crying emote with the main title, “BANISHED.” Subtext: “Because you were just too busy in the Tower of Despair with your beat-downs.”

    But maybe I’m being insensitive. πŸ™‚

  2. I was trying to answer but I am too busy laughing at the thought of any of my characters as “heavily armed and obviously uber”

    You haven’t met my characters, have you? πŸ™‚

  3. You are probably uber because you don’t THINK you’re uber. It’s the ones who think they’re Khyber’s gift to the game who really AREN’T uber.

    And you still need to get your butt on Cannith some Friday night around 10 pm EST to party with our non-uber little core group!

  4. Poor Geoff! We’ve all been there. Well, not really, but lets just say we have for moral support πŸ™‚

  5. I’m proud to say that in 2 1/2 years I have NEVER been banished from ToD…well…I have never been IN ToD…um, haven’t even had a single ingredient drop for the stupid boots either…so, yeah, compared to my toons, yours are definitely uber πŸ™‚

  6. I dunno – don’t think it’s any worse than using a rez shrine, but forgetting to HP-up and running back into a fight…not that anyone has ever done that (D’oh!).

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