Best. Chrono. Ever. (Really)

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Aug 162013

Title says it all. It’s hard to explain, but you know when everything goes wrong, and everything goes right at the same time? This raid was kind of like that. This was the closest I have ever felt that a quest came to a PnP session. Instead of ROFLstomping it, it was an unexpected challenge.


A few days ago I join a PUG for an elite BB chrono all optionals on my Pally (6th life so far). I check (out of curiosity because I like to read bios…) and most people aren’t TR’s, but that’s normal.


We wait a few minutes to get some healers (two FVS) and head in (11 people).


First fight: no problem.


We gather at the purple barrier just before the marketplace and when it comes down: ding, ding, ding, ding. Four people drop to an Abishai fireball. That was my first clue this would be interesting. We finish optionals with a few deaths then we go to the bank.


The first wave against Bloodplate goes ok, but DPS is kind of low. In the second wave two people die. Third wave three more die. Fourth wave two more die. Only me, a FVS and two arties are standing IIRC. Arties kite devils and DPS armorers, I DPS armorers and go to Bloodplate, FVS keeps us up and we wrap it up after a few rounds. But it was a close call, I was down to 50 hp when Bloodplate dropped.


We head to the sewers and start ganging up on Razorarm. When he teleports, all hell breaks loose. Everybody splits up, and healers can’t keep them up. Eventually, I’m the last man standing (CSW pots FTW lol). The devils gang up on me and I retreat back to the Marketplace. Everybody rezzes (one person drops group) and we regroup. We go at it again, and (with a few more deaths) we succeed.


The final fight against the Conjoined Abishai Devastator is going ok until he turns into a white dragon. I’m too slow and me and most melees get caught in the cold breath and die. Then it’s just ding, ding, ding, ding… until we’re all dead.


Luckily you get a second chance in the Chrono. We rez and want to give it another try (One healer drops group). We buff and head out again. This time the leader assigns jobs to people (I’m on CAD). We go in and I get on the CAD. People start dying one by one after a few moments, but all essential jobs are covered by the survivors: one fighter on trash duty, I’m on CAD, FVS is focusing on healing me, arty is helping with CAD.


I’m swinging away, activating Divine Might, Divine Favor, Divine Sacrifice, Smite Evil, haste pots, rage pots, curse pots, Lay on Hands… everything I have to bring this beast down and stay alive. His HP bar is going steadily down, 40%, 30%, 20%, 10%, 5%… and WE DID IT!!! In that moment, for a split second, I wasn’t me (Phil), I actually was my character, I was a Paladin. Never has a completion tasted so sweet. When we finished the fight the party leader cheered the most I’ve seen someone cheer in a quest 🙂


IIRC 42 deaths (but only 1 mine 🙂 ). PUGs, you gotta love them.


The healer was great, he chugged a bunch of pots for us and after that victory I had to send him some pots for the great healing.


tl;dr Best. Chrono. Ever.!!!!!!!

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  1. 🙂 Awesome. Congraz. Well done.

  2. I’ve had a few runs like that, it does feel good when it’s done. I’ve often found that 2 FS’s (depends on player/build) often just don’t have the “oomph” to keep up with healing large groups. I prefer at least one Cleric be in all my groups. But alas, now days you take what you can get.

  3. /cheer2

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