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Pugster and Mawry celebrate taking the Completionist feat for the first time

I’ve spent this week talking about how I became a Completionist, except that isn’t really fair. I didn’t. We did. We. It was a group thing, something I probably would not have finished on my own, and it is time to give out the credit where credit is due.

I wasn’t alone even way back in 2009 when this started. My friend Chris, whose nickname and general character naming prefix are both “Pug”, was there with me. It was the two of us together who decided to go ahead and put our mains into the TR cycle and attempt to win DDO.

For years, Pug and I leveled. And leveled. And leveled. He was faster at it than I; he developed/found/joined a network of other multiple TRs and honed leveling skills and questing plans. I did too, but not to the same extent. His employment often let him play during the day, but mine generally did not.

But he would wait. He’d zoom ahead in one life and then wait to finish it off so we’d stay close.

We both have alternate characters and give them a lot of love. People in our guild are cheerfully willing to support our TR characters when we are at similar levels, but we never are at similar levels for very long, Pug and I zoom past too quickly. I am slower than Pug but everyone else is that much slower than me. If we want to enjoy full guild play, we are probably not going to be doing so on our main TRs.

And that was okay too, we like to play with the guild, although the whole TR thing slowed to a several-months-per-life pace.

There were gaps. I was off the game for several months in 2010 dealing with family issues. Pug was off the game for most of 2013 with too many bad computers and too much other good in his life. And there were activity spurts too: I was off work for half of 2011 and played like crazy. Pug would have similar periods of hyperactivity. But always the leveling was there, whoever was behind would catch up, TRing always in front of us.

Mainly though it was Pug waiting for me. Helping me through my last levels even though he already had them, or just shelving his main for a few days/weeks until I was back up to speed.

Sometime in early 2011, a new leveling partner joined us; My Gamer Girl. She wasn’t interested in Completionist, so instead came up with a detailed and crafty plan of reinforcing her main characters with past life feats; three druid lives for her wizard, three wizard lives for her druid and her wizard, three lives for her rogue, I am sure I have it wrong but the point is that she devised this elaborate scheme just to support Pug and I. She’d be perfectly fine with no past lives at all.

Mawry and Kitalea
Mawry and my Gamer Girl’s Kitalea during Mawry’s Druid phase

Yet there she was, day after day, week after week, month after month, and eventually year after year, leveling and leveling and leveling some more. She’d coordinate things via text and influence our choice of quests in interesting ways. She is not a fan of the Elite/Hard/Normal/Normal/Normal/Normal repetition, not at all, but she sucked it up and learned how to solo the Chamber of Rhaiyum and VON3 and Litany of the Dead and all the rest of the high-XP quests, on Elite, at full speed, just like the rest of us.

This victory belongs to her every bit as much as it does to Pug and I.

Thank you Pug, and thank you Yvonne!

You guys totally rock.

πŸ™‚ πŸ˜€ πŸ™‚

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  1. I don’t think I’d be working towards completionist on my main with help from guildies & friends πŸ™‚

  2. “leveling and leveling and leveling some more”, hey isn’t that a L.L.CoolJ song from the Mid 90’s?

  3. Thanks Geoff and Yvonne it was fun and we managed to turn Yvonne into a zerger πŸ™‚

    • No Chris, thank YOU. You could have been a completionist long ago. Instead you made sure that I succeeded too.

      And yes, we did create a fine zerger didn’t we?

  4. +1 for good company!

  5. Congrats!! And it is indeed much more fun to be running with fun and excellent company!! πŸ™‚

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