Jan 162012

Star Wars the Old Republic launched December 20, not quite a month ago. It is the most expensive and most promoted MMO ever. Maybe the most expensive game of any type. There are many good things about the game too. But in-game service is definitely not one of them.

I accidentally deleted two of my skills on my main SWTOR character after spending three weeks building them up. Yes, my bad. But still something I wanted to at least try to undo. So I filed an in-game ticket, and waited.

And waited.

And waited.

After four hours I gave up and logged out. I’m afraid to use my character, or even move him, on the chance that it will make it harder to undelete the skills.

After football, I logged in again. ten hours, still nothing. I posted a message in the Customer Service forum. No SWTOR persons responded, but other players did:

They can only answer a certain number of tickets at a time. Your ticket is a minor issue. A lot of people submitting tickets are stuck and stuff like that.

Most support tickets are running several days, let alone hours.

Not encouraging. And one has to wonder what is “major” if three week’s worth of deleted skill points is “minor”.

Hundreds of millions of dollars developing the game. More millions promoting it.This seems like a pretty big oversight.

Today I logged in. 24 hours. Still nothing.

Just now I logged in. 36 hours. Still nothing.

Like leaves from a tree,
Support tickets everywhere
Deafening silence

Not impressed. Not at all.

Update 1/16: 48 hours have passed and the ticket had not been touched in any way.
Update 1/17: The ticket has disappeared. Not resolved, not closed, just … gone. Wow. Really, really, not impressed.

🙁 😀 🙁

What do you think?

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