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Well, there were three things you had to do. Just three simple little things and you blew it. I hope you’re happy! I mean, honestly! What were you thinking?! BAH! I actually have no idea who you are or what you were supposed to do, but that’s okay. I think. It’s also totally besides the point. Totally. There’s three things to remember on Wednesdays, I don’t know what they are, but they’re real! Or at least as real as my thumb. Or something. Okay! To the blog! Because I am so awesome!

Firstly, my time here in the Pacific Northwest has come to a blood soaked end. I’ve done it! I’ve finally killed them all! Wont be messing with me again! But tomorrow I’ll be heading back up North to the ever so wonderful state of Alaska because my work here is done! Sadly, I have to travel through Canada… And deal with all those beady eyed flappy headed folk. Overall, its been a great few months. Hot at times. Exhausting at others. But good hard labor is good exercise! Also lots of fun. Got to do my normal fun time activities near the end. Like video games and playing outside on my motorized 2 & 4 wheeled toys.

Aside from that, what I’ve been doing in the world of video games? On SWTOR, I started a Male Sith Juggernaut and a Female Commando. On LOTRO, I’ve been getting my main soon to be occasional Comical Weekend character up to lvl 9, because he forgot that crafting gives XP so, yuh know. On DDO, I’ve collected a few Daily Dices. Naturally, I didn’t win anything of value. On STO, I started a Human Tactical Officer. On NWO, I started a Drow Warlock.

Then, recently, there was a sale on Live for Dead Island(and a few other games) and it was only $5. So, I had to get it. But I didn’t get it. Well, I did, but technically, my sister bought it for me and herself. Its a game we’ve been wanting to play for a good while. Its a First Person Zombie Horror Survival game. Really fun. Im still getting the grasp of it but Ive got the basics down. It has pretty great atmospherical music. Scary as shit zombies. It provides a good challenge. Its kinda like Silent Hill meets Left 4 Dead. Really awesome. I like to kick the zombies in the head until they fall down then beat their skulls in with my trusty crowbar. SO FUN! ๐Ÿ˜€ The island is pretty big and fun to explore. I like exploring.

The trip homes gonna take a weekish because theres some stuffs me and my brothers wanna do on the way back up. Mostly stuff that involves our motorized toys. Because VROOM VROOM! YEAH! ๐Ÿ˜€

Ive also been thinking that when I get back home, I should get Spazz a little friend to keep her company and play with herย when Im not around. Itd be good for her me thinks.

Aside from all that, not a whole lot for me to share! So, hope you have all had great summers. Except for you. I don’t like you still. Youre fired and demoted to hag on the outskirts of the villiage. MUAHAHA!



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  1. *Sigh* Demoted again?!…

  2. I thought it was me that was demoted, Mizz don’t come around anymore…

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