Sep 012013

The Mizza Zone

I am. I know I am. No one can tell me differently. I will remove the heads from anyone who dares. But not really because I love all you guys and gals! Except that guy right there! I WANT HIS HEAD!!!

So, sadly, today was a short one on DDO. Thankfully the oh so wonderful Evennote was able to join me and Comic and all kinds of fun ensued. At least Chatwise. First, me and Comic decided to start Haywire whatsit while we waited to see if Even could get on. About halfway in, she appeared! So we waited and then Comic mentioned slimes and Even ended up losing connection. So, she came back on and this time we mentioned slimes at least three or four times and she didnt lose connection! Yay! We finished the quest with me shooting everything in the face, Comic doing… whatever it is he does and Even displaying all kinds of awesomness. Then I got bored and decided to make Comics mini sword evil.

After we finished the quest we headed to the Demon Sands to run some quest or another there. Sadly Even had to respond to real life and had to go. But her character stayed online so she could pick up XP while me and Comic ran around killing uglies. After about 30 min or so, Comic fell deathly ill and had to get off ending DDO Sunday prematurly. Overall, even though it was a short day on, it was alot of fun. Though, I do have one issue with the Demon Sands, where the hell are all the damn demons?! All we killed were Gnolls, undead and drow! I WANTED TO KILL DEMONS! To right this oh so wrong wronging, I am hereby promoting mr Geoff Hanna to Prince of DDO and demoting Comic from court jester to Imperial Spy.

Of course, Ive also been playing SWtoR with my sister. We finally got around to finishing Tython which excited her because she finally got her lightsaber.When it came down to taking our Advanced Classes, I persuaded her into taking Sentinel and I took Shadow. The idea was for each of us to be as hard hitting as possible to make taking down big uglies with minimal problems as both those classes are DPS classes.

After we did that, I asked her if she thought wed be up for the first Flashpoint quest while explaining that its about as hard as Heroics but longer and with some badass bosses. Especially the Sith at the end. She said she thought we could, so we entered. We progressed to the first boss with ease killing Elites like they were nothing along the way. First boss is some big ugly Imperial guy wholl ocassionally be aided by respawning Imperial Troopers, we defeated them all easily enough and continued along our merry way.

Next Boss is a Mandalorian guy who just oh so loves to use knockback alot. If theres any attack on video games me and my sister hate, its knockback. But I got in behind him and started using my special attack thats only usable behind an enemy and, turns out, he couldnt knock me back from where I was standing. So, we killed him with ease as well.

Along the way to the third boss, we started on the bonus objective which Ive never been able to complete due to the fact that you need two people to complete it. Thankfully, since I had my sister, we were able to activate both panels and activate the bonus boss. We beat the big droid boss guy and headed down behind him to take on the bonus one. turns out, the bonus boss in the quest is a chump compared to all the other bosses. Funny thing is though, up to that point, all gear that had been dropped by enemies had been for Consulars, nothing useful for Knights. After killing the bonus boss though, he ended up dropping an orange robe suited for Knights. So that definetly made her a happy chick.

Of course, after all that, there was one boss left. The badass Sith guy. We headed into the fight and managed to get his health almost all the way down before we ourselves died. We respawned, I explained that the problem didnt seem to be the Sith guy himself but the Troopers that were with him. So when we next went in, I focused on the Troopers while she worked on him. Unfortunatly, he decided to target her instead of T7 so she ended up dying pretty quick. Thankfully the troopers were all dead by that point and he was busy focusing on my companion, Qyzen. Seeing that the battle alone was hopeless I decided to try dragging the Sith back closer to the respawn point so that my sister could rejoin the battle sooner. Thankfully it worked and she was able to come back up and engage him just before he killed me. His health was pretty low by that point so both of us were getting pretty excited. After I respawnedm, I started my mad dash to get back up there before she died, her health was dropping pretty quickly. Got caught on an environmental obstacle, began cursing alot and loudly, got free and continued back up. Just as I entered the room before where the fight was yellow words went across the top of the screen. I just stopped. Part of my brain registered what happened, the other part was still kinda caught in my rush to get back in the fight. I looked at the objectives, the one to kill him was no longer there. All I could ask her first was, ‘Is he dead?!’. Somehow, someway, she had managed to survive and kill him. It was really quite exciting. I think we sat there just taking a quick breather for a minute letting our victory kinda soak in before moving on and finishing the quest. Needless to say, we felt like badasses. We beat the quest at level. It was awesome

Thats about all the interesting bits Ive got to relate for gaming stuff so thats where my blog is gonna end. Hope everyone takes care and stuff!


Mizzaroos Song Of The Day

Me & Shandi

Β Me and my sister partying after finishing the Flashpoint and reaching Coruscant. Im on the left, shes on the right.

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  1. Oh, stop calling me awesome. I was on the biggest, slowest, clunkiest WF in the land, AND she was 4-5 levels behind you and Comic. I’m still shocked she made it out of Haywire Foundry what with her slowness and jump skill of 1.

    Also, you did not just MENTION slimes. You called Comic a slime. Several times.

    We should run Pit next week!

    • It’s not my fault he’s made of goop!
      You are so totally awesome! It’s true!
      And yes we should! ON ELITE!!!

  2. OK, but who wants to carry Yttsie’s stone, you or Comic? ‘Cause she’s only lvl 8. *g*

  3. Natalie, I loved the story about you and your sis taking down that SWTOR quest and I HATE that game! It’s always awesome to be in a high pressure, high adrenaline situation where you think you’re gonna die any second now and all of a sudden out of nowhere you win. It’s this odd rush of disorientation and euphoria.

  4. You are talking about the ship to Coruscant thing, yes? I was never able to beat that thing at level. Well maybe now I am not sure, it was a couple of years ago. I remember one try in particular, dying then running back in over and over and over. We might have won eventually. But after about six deaths, it doesn’t really count as “winning” any more. πŸ™‚

  5. I’ve yet to try a flashpoint… Mostly cause I have yet to talk anyone into running with me.

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