Feb 042011

The buzz – or more specifically, lack of buzz – surrounding the next DDO update feels different. We just aren’t getting anything, not a hint, not a sniff, not a bacon puzzle, nothing. It feels unusual. They want us to be excited about the new release. But in this case … crickets.

Cone of Silence
Chief: “I want to talk about Update 9”
Max: “What?”
Chief: “UPDATE 9!”
Chief: “WHAT?”
Max: “WHAT?”
Last week the devs hit the forums and myDDO, a nice change of pace after a month of virtual silence. But the sum total of information related to the new release: well, nothing really, two images that might be hot bar icons, or status icons, or really, who knows?

The producer is silent as well. Everything promised in Fernando’s last state of the game address has already released. The latest Fernando sighting seems to have been PAX 2010: an hour-plus rambling that included Mad Floyd but was 99.9% focused on Update 7. There was an offhand mention that we’ll see more on spells in Update 9. Otherwise a complete and thorough Cone of Silence.

The last time we got this much stonewall the result was Free To Play. A pretty big change! With hindsight it seems that the endlessly drawn out ”Vast and Mysterious” secrecy was necessary. And also, worthwhile.

So what is it this time? The potential is pretty awesome actually, there is after all a new sheriff in town: Update 9 is the first release designed since the Warner Bros purchase. *

* Proof: everything up to and including Update 8 is laid out here, announced in March 2010, and therefore must have been designed beforehand. The Warner Bros purchase is announced in late April 2010.

One may speculate whether this portends well or woe. It seems unlikely that anyone would make too many fixes to something that ain’t broke, but it is the first opportunity for the new ownership to take DDO around the block and really kick the tires.

Rumor Season
Don’t wook at me
I ain’t sayin’ nuffin

Somewhere there is a new suit at Warner who is supposed to “manage” Turbine and DDO. It would be hard to resist making some kind of change even if only to “provide input” and “add value”.

Anyone with first-hand experience with a new manager “providing input” and “adding value” will understand why I keep putting those phrases in quotes.

Is the lack of information something to do with a new WB policy? Does the new update contain something so “vast and mysterious” that the seeming secrecy will turn out to be appropriate? Are we all so winterbound and cabin-feverish that we are making up conspiracies where none exist at all? Will it be good? Will it be bad?

Here is one vote for “it will be different”.

Th-th-th-th-that’s all folks!

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  1. Hey, you just made me excited about nothing! (Or is it?!?!) How very Seinfeld! (Or maybe ‘Lost’ is the more applicable show metaphor – Turbine Smoke and Mirrors Monster. Yet another mystery!) Plus, the picture selection is priceless!

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