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Oct 172016


This is my wife’s cosmetic companion Batty.

She is a Fire Bat, a very happy Fire Bat. Look at the giant smile.

Actually I am not sure she is named Batty. I am not sure my wife has given her a name at all. But she looks like a Batty to me, and that is good enough for purposes. It’s not like we confine ourselves to facts any other day, no reason to start now.

This is not a “regular” GIF. Usually I start with a video capture and then use a variety of tools to edit and the material and output it as a GIF. But this is actually a series of screenshots, ten of them, stitched together into something video-like. No editing, just a little cropping, and voila! Batty the GIF.

A rather choppy GIF but a GIF nonetheless.

Hey! They can’t all be good!

🙂 😀 🙂

p.s. See what I did there? Implying that some of them are good? LOL fortunately we all know better.

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  1. I named mine “Bathory” after Countess Elizabeth Báthory.

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