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I may have mentioned this before, but I am a DDO hoarder. I keep everything, on the off chance that someday it might be useful. Which means, among other things, that I spend a lot of time playing the Inventory Game.

Move stuff into Shared Bank (or mail). Log into desired recipient. Move stuff from shared bank (or mail) to recipient. Repeat endlessly.

It is not a fun game, not at all, especially with things that are stored in bags, because that adds an entire new layer to the Inventory Game:

Remove stuff from bag. Move stuff into Shared Bank (or mail). Log into desired recipient. Move stuff from shared bank (or mail) to recipient. Put stuff in bag. Repeat endlessly.

But suddenly, there is light at the end of the infinite click-loop: the Bag Deposit Box!

There have always been shortcuts to save a step here and there. Amongst the many things I’ve hoarded, I’ve accumulated a lot of bags too. Sometimes I can swap an entire bag into Shared Bank, without first separating its contents. Clever use of the “Auto-Gather” feature means I often do not have to put things into bags individually, they just sort of jump there when added to inventory. Usually. Not always. And sometimes they jump into the wrong bag; you have to be clever about how you use the feature.

But way too many times I still find myself clicking on each item in a bag to get it out of the bag, them moving it somewhere, then putting it away again. And now, as part of Turbine’s anti-duping work, we have a hidden cool-down on the Gather feature; You can only click “Gather” every so often. Sometimes it is just easier to put things back in the bag individually.

Sigh. It makes my clicky finger ache just to think about it.

So now, with all that said, let’s look at the newly introduced Bag Deposit Box. For the first time ever, you can grab an entire bag of something, drop it into the Bag Deposit Box, and the game will automatically take everything out of the bag for you!

Oh my. Can it possibly be as awesome as it sounds? Let’s look at how it works.

Using the Bag Deposit Box

Here Coin Serf, my Hoarder-In-Chief, has a bag containing Gianthold relics.

Using the Bag Deposit Box

Here she opens her bank, and toggles over to the Bag Deposit Box.

Using the Bag Deposit Box
Click to animate!

Here she drags her bag – the whole bag, not just components taken from the bag – and drops it on top of the Bag Deposit Box. You can see her do it if you click on the image.

Using the Bag Deposit Box

She had to click through to page 6 of the Bag Deposit Box to find them, but there they are, in shared space, available to all my characters.

Using the Bag Deposit Box
Click to animate!

You still have to click-and-drag items to get them back out of the Bag Deposit Box. Coin prefers double-clicking. In either case, if you have a bag of the appropriate type set to auto-gather, the items will automatically jump into that bag. Click to watch it happening.

Someday, maybe someday, Turbine will give us multi-select so we can choose collections of items and then act on them all at once. But not today, today we have to act on each item one at at time.

Using the Bag Deposit Box

And here we are with the items all back in Coin’s bag. All without ever once clicking anything inside the bag.

It is not perfect: the Bag Deposit Box is not sortable and has no filters. If you buy all of the available spaces for it (currently capped at 520 spaces) it becomes difficult to keep items of a like type (say, all your Cannith crafting essences) grouped. But who cares, you can still use the Search to find what you want.*

It may not be quite big enough to hold all of the things that I hoard. I won’t be adding my gems or collectibles until there is a way to separate them from the various ingredients.

It is expensive. 795 Turbine Points per bank of 250 slots. Only two banks of slots are currently available.

Expensive, but totally worth it. Totally. I am saving hundreds of clicks, maybe thousands, and I don’t know how to even begin putting a price on that.

Give me another bank of slots Turbine, and maybe I can just retire all of these bags, forever.

Wouldn’t that be something?

🙂 😀 🙂

* Thanks to clever reader DDOMicki for pointing out the obvious search bar

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  1. 🙂 Geoff, the bag deposit box has a search function up top. Just type part of a name and hit enter in the search field

  2. The new system really helps my Cannith Crafting and made Crystal Cove maintenance easy. Also, its MUCH quicker to do a broad search-and-gather of something you might have on any character by logging in and dragging their bags straight over, repeating with others, and then seeing the total. A big time-saver. I may have to buy the expansion; the new scheme works well. And, of course, it keeps us from using precious item storage space.

  3. I’ll gladly take any of your now unwanted bags. I won’t even charge you for taking them off your hands.

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