Jun 202015


As a player arriving on this scene I can’t count the times I’ve blinked and shook my head at this dwarf; his location, predicament, open dialogue. I don’t RP but I do enjoy this little stop over.

You’re cold huh? May I suggest a smaller fire INSIDE the tent or maybe use the crates and shrines as a warming wall AT YOUR BACK and sides? How about a blanket or better yet put down that hunk of iron in your hands? That can’t be doing your fingers any good. Oohhhh, you’re trying to start a different type of fire? And you think I should move on, mind my own business? Sure, but I hope you have a soul stone, that you bound it somewhere far, far away cause I don’t think you want to be using that res-shrine after Filameant gets done with you.

You are getting sleepy

You are getting sleepy

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  1. That is a great shot of the dragon!

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