May 232013


Geoff posted a bit ago about succubi and dryads and what would be their origins.

I could not remember any Dungeon and Dragon’s based origin story for the Succubus at all.

As we all know D+D monsters in the beginning were developed from current mythos so I would hazard a guess that it was so with the Succubus, also the fact that this origin seems to be missing from early D+D monster manuals may be because of the sexual overtones it is filled with.
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May 232013

Yes, it’s been a while since I have posted. So what should I talk about now? This is actually a new beginning for me so to speak. Geoff has been more than kind hosting the ‘Displaced Bloggers’ including me and puts in a whole lot of work into this site. As well as Play-Researching game mechanics and such on Lam and his home server, then feeding us the juicy bits of the  knowledge he has gleaned. He also appears quite regularly on DDOCast and has been firmly rooted there as an important ‘Support Character’. Like Mr GreenJeans for Capt Kangaroo! That isn’t meant to be mean. I just  wanted to hint that he has an endearing quality about him, the fans like him-(as long as he isn’t dissing NWO), and has become an important asset for Sig and Anne. He does need a little bit of RP practice for those pen and paper adventures-:P That is a whole lot of work piled on to a full time job! Kudos to you Geoff.

The Capt Kangaroo statement has obviously dated me for at least half of the blogosphere. The other half have no clue about it whatsoever.
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May 062013

Xenobias Speaks

So my first blog post happens to be about NWO. Yep, like a lot of you, I have tried it and will post my take on it as well.

I registered and played as a free player on the Dragon Shard. Each server is considered a shard.

I chose to do a direct download of the game. NWO must use the same type of download as DDO-it sucks-took all night. They do offer a torrent download (hint, hint DDO) which no doubt is much faster. Once downloaded the game had to update. During the update I checked out some of what you could buy with real money. Lots of neat stuff but I don’t feel the cost is worth it just yet. Maybe at some point in the future when the game is more complete.

I confess that this is the first time I have had any experience with a Cryptic game. So what I experience as new may be old hat.  I never played WOW either. Yea  I  know-I’m weird.
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