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Aug 202013

So with the changes to the Enhancement system pretty much everyone’s characters have been broken to some degree or another. I use the term broken here very loosely, but in some cases it is not nearly a strong enough term. For example Monks now get Elemental Stances as Class Feats. The Lesser and Greater Dragon Mark Feats have been removed and replaced with Enhancements on the Racial Tree. And Clerics and Paladin’s now get a free class feat at level 1 and 6 for the Religion (these used to be enhancements).
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Aug 172013

I was going to try to write some stuff this week about my thoughts on TRing, but Samius has done that quite a bit, and I haven’t sorted it all out in my head yet.

But I’ve come to a starling realization last weekend, culminating this week while I was home sick.

I’m just not feeling the excitement of next weekslaunch of Shadowfell Conspiracy, in fact I’m feeling more than a bit blue about it. For years, I’ve been a fan of this game, defending it when it needed, but also being a harsh critic when I saw Turbine screw things up. And thiis probably their biggest screw up EVER. It is a lesson all developers should learn from. But lets rewind a bit.

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Aug 062013

I first saw such drinks way back in 2009 at the DDO Player Party at GenCon. Some of these drinks are not for the faint of heart, as many found out that night. I had originally this posted on, but thought I’d repost it here since GenCon is right around the corner.

I even have this over on the official forums, but it is buried way down in there, but here is the link in case you want to add/suggest some more (cool names are required): The Official DDO Drink List.  Additional drinks included from the thread DDO-Drinks  by Swedishchef

Without further ado, I present to you the (un)Official DDO Drink List
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Aug 052013


Ever since DDO first laucnhed way back in 2006, I’ve had the urge to play a lot of different character builds. At first I was purely a “pure” class kind of player. Then I stuck my tow into the Splash builds with 2 levels of Rogue. Then Multi-class. Throughout the last 7 and 1/2 years I’ve had so many builds and characters I have wanted to play, that I would bounche from 1 to the next, with a few core characters getting a lot of love. Those characters I played a lot were bnot only fun for me to play, but were also the right levels at the right time, to party with my guilies.

Now when the True Reincarnation system was introduced, I thought, yeah, that’s cool, but it is not for me. My play time is very limited. After getting out of the military, I’ve either been in grad school, living with my non-gamer girl girlfriend/fiance or married to her. And now, we have a beautiful 2 month old daughter. So what does that mean for my game of choice? Well, it means even less game time for me.
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