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Mar 052015


Once upon a time, long ago on a server I don’t regularly visit, I timidly stepped my toes into the exciting and absolutely frightening world of Permadeath. Sadly, while I enjoyed it, I found myself being drawn back to my regular cast of characters, who would laugh in the face of the evil Lag Monster.

Recently however, the siren’s call of Permadeath has caught my ear once more thanks to Lessah suckering Patrick of DDOCast into playing Permadeath on Thelanis. Once I saw the birth of DDOCasplat, I knew I was doomed once more to have precious and brave adventurers ripped unjustly from my loving and caring stable of characters by the cold face of Death (usually a lowly Kobold or as is often the case now a surprise Mimic(but more on the later).

As I contemplated what kind of character I wanted to play in Permadeath, I thought I’d try a first life version of the Swashbuckler (2/2/16 Ftr/Rog/Bard) I plan on TR’ing my main character into, since it really seems like a fun build. So I painstakingly pulled up Ron’s Character Planner and planned out my Permadeath hopeful’s future. Some might ask why bother planning out the whole build if it will likely meet an untimely and gory death well before it reaches its full potential. The logical part of my brain says there is little to no room for error in Permadeath, so the build and playstyle must be solid, if the character hopes to survive. Thus I need a plan.
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Aug 202014

So the other day I tweeted asking for some thoughts about a 1/2/17Fighter/Rogue/Bard Life as a Purple Dragon Knight. I got a lot of good feed back, and I think I have settled in on a 2/2/16 Ftr/Rog/Bard PDK build.

I used Ron’s Character Planner (version 4.20.2) and tweeked the build export file to show the Single Weapon Fighting Feats and my Feat options/thoughts for level 18. I should point out to that this build does not reflect the entire enhancement selection, as Swashbuckler has not been added to Ron’s Character Planner yet ( i even checked to see if there was an updated version prior to starting my build and making this post).

Overall goals are for a Bard Past Life, Swashbuckler focused, Evasion build with a lot of Dodge with the main focus on hitting hard and often, and not getting hit. I am planning on taking the buckler option for my Swashbuckling Stance for the 10% Dodge. I’d like to splash in some Spell Singer and see if I can get some of the Sonic SLAs as well. Not sure if I will do much if anything in the fighter trees, but may look at the Assassin tree for some more sneak attack and the Kensai tree for some bonuses to hit and damage with light blades and some more dodge if I can.
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Oct 242013

Ok, after the train wreck that is the proposed changes to the Costs of Reincarnation, it is time to spell out what the priorities of the player base (Turbine’s Customers, and the ones who pay to keep the lights on, and hampsters spinning the wheels) are: Note: for me this is more of a list and some of them are hard to prioritize over others, so the order of some of the top ones may vary between a lot of us, but the point is that they are probably important.

1.CONTENT, CONTENT and more CONTENT —–Content being defined as quests and wilderness/explorer areas to adventure in.

2.Delivering on broken promises – finishing half completed systems and promises – Finish PrEs, Finish EDs, revisit Cannith Crafting,

3.Fix and address Bugs – there are so many that have gone unaddressed for unacceptable lengths of times. To make matters even worth, the known issues list is woefully out of date with all the bugs reported

4.CONTENT, CONTENT and More CONTENT (this is so important, that it had to be listed more than once, just to drive home the point.

5.Interesting Loot

6.a Gods honest ENDGAME

7.Open, honest Communication. If Turbine has an idea, feel free to run it by the community first, especially if you are planning on chaning the way somethings currently works on live. Send out some random surveys, which include the rationale behind the proposed possible change, what it addresses and why the current system is not working. And then present all that back ground and the results to your Reality Check community on Mournlands.

Feel free to add you own in the comments below

Oct 232013

After reading through 19 of the 32+ pages in response to Senior Producer Glin’s Thread: Earning Hearts of Wood – post U20, one reason has become clear that proposed changes to the Reincarnation system’s cost has been universally rejected by the player base for a variety of reason. And while those reasons may differ from player to player, the end result is the same: This change just plain sucks, and at least one person has likened it to the “Glitches” experience with the launch of

So what is the one overarching symptom or reason leading to this complete and utter rejection? A Complete and Total Breakdown in communications. Yes, that’s right a break down in communications. Any successful leader and business man (or woman) understands Communication is a two way street, and that it is a constant repeating process.
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Aug 212013

This morning DDO’s Producer Glin (@producerglin) shared a very interesting article from on twitter entitled “Plague of game dev harassment erodes industry, spurs support groups“.

Last week I posted about how I was not overly excited about Update 19 due to several problems in my opinion, and yesterday, I posted about how I was “not happy” with the whole here is a +20 LR heart of Wood so that you can fix your character broken by the new enhancement system, specifically characters that were now getting free class feats, that could only be selected if you Lesser Reincarnated.
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