I am an artist that took ten years too long to wake up. I have been awake for nearly a year and have produced more artworks of variable types in that time than I had in my entire life previous. It's good to be here.

Jun 142015

Valenar Tendencies. By StarboyK

I found DDO when a search to learn about Dungeons and Dragons returned the Turbine product as the top result.  I started the download, which took three days.  Well worth the wait, I fell in love with the game while still in Korthos.  I started playing DDO in December 2010 and had never played an MMORPG.  Attempting to mimic Drizzt, I played a multi-classed drow ranger.  I was terrible.  But I learned, and I got better.

I liked the idea of TR’ing.  The level cap was 20, and I struggled through the epic content until I had collected my twenty Tokens of the Twelve and headed immediately to the hobgoblin in House J.  Every life it has been the same.  I think I will grind the epic content, but as soon as I have my 20 tokens, I HAVE to TR.

My second incarnation was as an elf Favored Soul.  In retrospect, I wish I had waited to play that life, but it solidified my play style.  I love swinging twin scimitars while displaced.  I toy around with the possibility of doing this with Eldritch Knight, but that’s still a few lives from now.
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