Oct 192016


Please excuse the poor picture above.  I am NOT a picture editing kind of person, so there it is.

So, as you can see, I am VERY good about blog posting.  Yeah, it’s been 7 months.

Anywho…I will attempt now to follow up on my previous post from March.

Following the breakup of my first guild, I discovered that one of my friends from that guild had moved to Khyber, so I followed suit.  I joined his guild and began playing there on a daily basis.  This went well for the most part, but I am not a hardcore player, and I did not group up with PuG’s very often.  This left me solo or playing with my friend on a regular basis.  We did have some other players he met join the guild, and had enough for 4 or 5 man groups occasionally, but none of us were all that good from what I could tell, but we had fun.

I did attain some firsts while playing on Khyber.  I ran my first ever raid, Tempest’s Spine, and was thoroughly lost and was the ONLY one that was chucked off the mountain by Sor’jek.  Fortunately there were some nice players and one of them came all the way back to take me to the loot!  This accomplishment was later followed by a few Shroud runs, which I was mostly a spectator for or a Soul Stone.
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Mar 022016

Under Construction Part 1
Well, it has been quite some time since I last posted a blog.  I believe it was right before MyDDO went down.

In that span of time my DDO playtime has fluctuated all over the board.  I would play daily for weeks, then I would get burned out and disappear for a few months.  I had started a guild named Destiny on Cannith, and had invited numerous MyDDO bloggers to join.  The understanding was that it was only a once a week thing at best, but it would be fun to run with others who took the time to post their adventures and tips on MyDDO.  It worked, and it didn’t.  I had many responses that were to the tune of “I play on X server only, 7 days a week, no time for other servers.”  I had some feelers that didn’t pan out, but I had a few that agreed to give it a shot, including our gracious blog host Mr. Geoff Hanna.
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