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Feb 022016

How to Not Die (With @JafSup0)

Although it may seem obvious, many times the reason that I or a party member die is that we just don’t have the hit points to weather the storm.  Big damage spikes come in for a lot of reasons, and they seem to be even spikier (sp?) on the pajama wearing monk hybrids that I favor.  But whether your solution is to run, disappear, heal, turtle up, or something else, you have to not be a soulstone in order to implement your newly envisioned tactic.  You need a red bar with some red still in it.  No matter your build it always pays to seek out CON and HP items and fit as many sources as you can into your gear slots.  I suspect I will never cease to be amazed at the amount of bonus HP I can put onto my character above baseline.  In many destines I run around with more than double my character’s base HP. Heck, sometimes I get to play with a warlock in my party and get “pre-healed” with mondo bonus HPs above my baseline.

On my third life, I have made it a point to boost my standing HP.  It helps.  A lot. As a result, I am able to try more challenging content since I have more margin for error than in previous lives.  I have noticed that dropping to 50% health is now a manageable contingency instead of a four alarm OMG OMG OMG not Korthos , NOT KORTHOS! panic alert.  Heck, compared to my first life, 50% health is more HP than I had at full…at least in some destines.  And of course, more DR and PRR make that HP last longer as well.

More HPs make dieing less likely…who’d have guessed?

Now I just need to make sure that I don’t forget to switch my haggle item back for my deathblock item…But methinks that is another blog post in the making.

Feel free to comment with your best (and/or worst) HP thoughts/achievements/taunts/recommendations/etc.


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Jan 112016


That word says it all.

Champions are the new most dangerous ANYTHING in the game. Champions are the best (and therefore the worst) change that turbine introduced to the game in the last few years, at least from my perspective.

Elite waterworks. Meh. I know where all the dangers are and can mitigate and neutralize them in my sleep. But i can sleepwalk through content no more. Two ( or THREE>>>RUN!) shiny crowns appear on my screen and the encounter is now a totally new, unpredictable, very dangerous experience. In other words, champions bring a lot of what a permie like me is usually trying to experience in the game. To every dungeon. Around every corner potentially.

Thank you Turbine. I hate you 😉  Keep the challenge coming.

I may update this post later with a few specific whines about deaths/almost deaths from these random UBER monsters. I can say that I am glad that there are no red-named chapmpions. Yet.

Jul 032013

How (not) to die in DDOMethod 1: Solo or Duo Necropolis quests on Elite (You can add in the Desert undead quests as well if you like)

Most of my Sublime characters have died this way… more than all of the other ways c0mbined.  The details vary, but the recipe is the same.  Elite streaks have made this method of death even more enticing…dangling silly crazy XP bonuses out in front if you can git ‘er done…  But that’s the big IF. Curse you, Turbine Devs, for enticing even more of my characters to their doom in the vain hope of keeping that elite bravery streak going.
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Jun 272013

How to (Not) Die in DDO

I needed to find a place to blog so that I could get random thoughts out of my head and and inflict them on an unsuspecting world.  Geoff has graciously offered me and many of the myDDO diaspora a home. Thanks again mate. I started blogging on myddo a while back, but became frustrated since you could not blog by character, and my characters often shoed up as outdated because they were usually deleted and rerolled versions that the myddodatabase did not know how to handle. So here we go. Assuming this test post works, my next post will be the first installment of of my blog concept “How to (Not) Die in DDO!”   Evwebtually, my plan is to record some of these thoughts for a segment on DDOCast (Thanks Sig and Anne for continuing Jerry’s great work)…But one thing at a time…need to get the hang of this blogging thing.  Hopefully this works. Blessings to all.

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