Raging & Runearms

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May 312015

Well, I certainly put my foot into it. Last time I wrote here, I (sarcastically) pointed out a distinct lack of Artificer/Barbarian multiclass characters. Immediately upon finishing writing that, the first thought that entered my mind upon logging into DDO was, “Let’s give that a shot.”

It’s fun, to say the least, though I do have some interesting observations (possibly as to why this mix isn’t overly popular)

1) An artifer’s infusions are treated as spells in the game. Therefore, you can’t cast them while raging.

2) You can’t set the runearm to automatically charge while raging. Instead, you have to keep triggering the bound key (I use the default Alt personally), but it will keep charge if you had been charging it before going into a rage.

3) The Battle Engineer tree has useful enhancements, if you are willing to use a hand-and-a-half weapon with a runearm. The other tree isn’t near as helpful.

4) Choice of runearm matters greatly. Thought Spike is great for attracting enemies at a distance, but Flame Warden is better for actually being in melee. I also have Chulchannad’s Claw, though I haven’t tested it yet. I much prefer the Flame Warden over the Thought Spike, though the force damage is nice.
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May 212015

I’ll start by introducing myself. My name is Ironblaze, and Geoff was gracious enough to let me write a post here on his site. (Thanks again!) I figured the best place to start would be writing about, well, Ironblaze, my namesake character on Sarlona.

He’s always been a mess.

One of my favorite aspects of DDO is the incredibly wide range of build options. Purely off the current class mixes, there is somewhere above 1500 combinations possible, and some of these have (probably?) never seen the light of day. I know I’ve personally never seen a Barbarian/Artificer before, let alone any Barbarian/Artificer/Any Third Class. So, my characters tend to be on the eclectic side of the spectrum. Usually not so far as “ineffective” or anything, but certainly not up to the min/max standard.

Look at that silliness
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