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Apr 042017

When I woke up I realized that it was my first day in over a decade where I no longer live in North Carolina.

This was obviously not a surprise, but nonetheless it felt profound. And significant.

A whole lot of life lies ahead of me, and none of it will take place in North Carolina.
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Apr 032017

And they’re off

An epic journey should yield epic tales, stories of heroism that will echo through the ages. Think Ulysses, or Beowulf, or Darwin on The Beagle.

Epic journeys and epic tales.

Using that as a scale, my recent adventures in multiple state crossings seem rather mundane. Which is fine, because that means I only have to come up with mundane tales and stories, which I am rather well-suited to produce. Mundane, banality, tripe: my specialties!
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Mar 242017

Tomorrow is a day of change.

Tomorrow, I wake up, pack two cars, and head for the mountains. New apartment, new life, new everything.

There is another change that has been brewing and I think it makes the most sense to include all of the changes at once, ripping the great big change-bandaid off as quickly as possible, hoping to lessen any pain.

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Mar 232017

Looming Lizards!

Everyone – actually nearly everyone, there is always an outlier or two – rolled up Dragonborn to take the new race out for a spin in new content.

New race, new content, double new!

The new content is level ten on Heroic, while everyone’s characters were first-life level sevens, no past lifes, no TR banks, just pure and innocent and level seven the way it used be back in 2006.

So naturally we ran the quest on Hard.
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Mar 222017

Today’s Bing photo is a truly spectactular ani-gif of the Yinlianzhui Waterfalls in China. I can’t find a way to link to the image, you’ll just have to go to Bing yourself – today, while it is still the daily image – and check it out. If you can’t, here’s a link to a much lesser video of the same falls, nowhere near as spectacular as the Bing version, but it will serve to give you a taste.

I mention all this only due to coincidence; I am posting a waterfall ani-gif today too!
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