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Apr 292016

I cannot imagine how difficult it must be to come up with new ideas to write about on a blog over years of time.

Yet we have our own enigma, Geoff, who keeps plugging away. There has to be some pressure (i.e. the workday is looming threateningly!) and, I don’t know about the rest of you readers, but I want Geoff to keep having fun with this blog.

And so to that end, I offer my unsolicited help.

I gave a speech earlier this week and I’d drawn up an outline and prepared. And then I decided to try something different. I gave the speech mostly ad lib and then opened up for questions instead of formally presenting.
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Mar 192016

Don’t think I’m not aware of the irony that my last post was called The Resurgence of DDO…

Lag issues this weekend have the DDO player community in an uproar. There are the usual threats by the players of non-renewal of subscriptions and of trotting off to play a different MMO.

Oddly, there are other things being said that are just a bit emotional. Among those are:
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Mar 052016

Ten years is a long time. Period.

For an MMO, it’s an eternity.

I’m so happy that my MMO made it to ten years but I’m the worrying sort. I worry about what DDO is going to do next to ensure the game population increases without losing the old paying mainstays like myself.

New content.

Without lots of it, the old timers will get bored. Even with Gnomes.

New free to play content.

Without it, the game will feel archaic to newbies.
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Wayfinder Found

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Feb 022016

An interesting thing happened while I was jumping for coins on the Argonnessen server the other day.

A player got on Harbor chat and casually announced that Your Part-Time Guild was recruiting on the Wayfinder server.

I thought it was an odd thing to do, yet quite bold. I engaged the person, who turned out to be one Guildmaster Kyll, and was fairly impressed by his skew on recruitment.

He said there was no pressure. He understands not many people are going to play on Wayfinder permanently when the other servers are where most people keep their main toons. He never said anything like, “Stay active.”

I like the idea that players from all servers are gathering (over 500 accounts) in his guild on this remote piece of DDO real estate.

I never really considered Wayfinder an option. I created a character there when it was a German-language server, but I never really spent time there.

The past few days I’ve spent most of my time on Wayfinder. Though the players aren’t really all that experienced (at least the ones I’ve journeyed with thus far), I see a whole lot of potential for fun.

The experience might not last. Wayfinder’s population overall will never match my beloved Khyber methinks. But I think I’ll enjoy this little corner of Wayfinder that I’ve found while it’s there.

Who knows, I might even see you there!

Jan 042016

High Priestess M’Saar saw the halfling long before the tiny creature had entered her nest and she feigned ignorance.

A trio of monitor lizards mewled hungrily and M’Saar tightened her control over the beasts lest they spoil her fun. She wanted to watch this sneaking little man die up close.

That the halfling was skilled, there was no doubt in the priestess’ mind. He’d somehow managed to move undetected through the tunnels leading here and her warriors had failed her. She sniffed the air and sensed the warriors nearby, but she resisted the urge to call them.

Her greenish eggs glistened in the faint glow produced by effervescent crystals set around the outer walls of the cavern. Movement inside the eggs sent ripples across fetid pools of water. The halfling made his way past a circlet of eggs to a stalactite that reached from ceiling to floor. She noticed his care in not disturbing the water.
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